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Venezuelan Revolution

Adam Jimenez Skylar Smith

Adam Jimenez

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of Venezuelan Revolution

Adam Jimenez
Skylar Smith Venezuelan Revolution Simon Bolivar Jose Francisco de San Martin Matorras Pablo Morillo Foreign Intervention Important People Effects of the Revolution Causes of the Revolution Post-Revolution Venezuela Why Venezuela Won Viewpoints Spain Venezuela "Spain does not need wise people"
wanted to keep control
needed economic funding through taxes -Bolivar known as "George Washington of Venezuela" Economy failed Napoleon Bonaparte Pardos (popular mass) did not approve of the social ladder British Legion Soliders "War to the Death!" Venezuelans did not approve of the taxes made by the French and became more and more upset with Napoleonic rule in Spain. -United States and Europe were sympathetic to Venezuela
-Haiti sent aid to Venezuela on the condition that they liberate the slaves
-Veterans of the Napoleonic and German Wars (called Legions) had a large impact on the revolutionary victories British support greatly helped the revolutionaries Bolivar rallied troops to fight
Guerrilla warfare -The main general of the Venezuelan forces
-Later became the 1st president of the newly founded Venezuela
-Helped push for the constitution of Venezuela -Considered a liberator of Southern America
-Fought for Venezuela
-Looked down upon, being originally from Argentina
-Retires to allow Bolivar to lead the revolution of Peru -Main general for Spain to pacify American revolutionaries
-Captain of 18 warships and 42 cargo ships Politics -
Actual republic set up July 5th 1811
One of the first republics not commanded by Spain
Venezuelan Constitution gave rights to all races, liberation of slaves, and freedom of press Social
Fight for independence killed half of Venezuela's white population After the revolution Venezuela continued to help other parts of South America to fight against the Spanish monarchy VS Which leads us to... Battle took place and next we have.. But we can't forget the important people So what happened after the revolution? Wait there's more French were at the top Then the Spaniards Then the creoles (white elites) in Venezuela Then last were the pardos of Venezuela Did not like the idea of being governed by a viceroy and loathed the idea that France was now in control
Wanted to be their own bureaucracy Social Ladder Resistance from Spain 1816: took Cartagena and set up "council of war" executed republican officials In Boyaca and Carabobo The British Legions were credited with the However, some major battles won were not exactly due to INDEPENDENCE!!
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