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Nathan Ritzau

on 6 November 2018

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Transcript of NAVIGATE.Sep2018

Historical Values
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Everyone’s participation is encouraged
Only one person speaks at a time
Respect the ideas and opinions of others
Set your cell phones to silence
Return from all breaks on time
Safety is practiced at all times

Ground Rules
My Transformation
We are uniquely positioned to lead the transformative change underway in the electric power industry. We see the electric grid as a key enabler of meeting California’s greenhouse gas reduction goals as well as a catalyst for more customer choice in energy technologies. Edison International is committed to being one of the most constructive agents for change in helping all sectors of the economy address climate change.
— Pedro J. Pizarro
Our Commitment to Safety
Illustrate the Safety Message
“Stop Work” Safety Principle
Our Business Model
How We Make Money
The Government’s Role in How We Make Money
Edison’s Organizational Structure
Edison’s Organizational Units
Audit Services
Customer &
Operational Services
Energy Procurement & Management
Ethics & Compliance
Information Technology
Human Resources
Organizational Units
See you tomorrow!
Success Compass
Today’s Energy Headlines
Industry Challenges
The technology landscape is evolving at an unprecedented pace
Major Events at Edison
Renewables and other newer technologies are becoming more cost effective solutions.

Customer expectations are changing with increasing choices and alternatives
People are getting on board with energy efficient appliances and technologies. Technology has given customers more choice and flexibility to manager their energy.
Higher demand for renewable resources
50% renewables by 2030.
1/3 of our business customers (our highest paying customers) are off the grid
They are generating their own power.
More and more residential customers are installing rooftop solar
(Which means, sometimes we pay them!)
Internal Reflection & Change
Bold Investments in
the Future of Energy
Cleaning Power System- Wind
Cleaning Power System- Solar
Modernizing the grid
Our History
Our Business
Our Edison Values
Culture Case Studies
Navigating Edison's Culture
Our Grid
Flow of Electricity
In your handbook, draw your transformational event, then write down a description of the event and why it was transformational. Introduce yourself by telling us your name, Organizational Unit, and your transformational event.
Sort the cards in the order of the flow of electricity.
How We Make Money
Find the puzzle piece that matches your assigned OU or group of OUs using the images below as a guide. Puzzle pieces for all groups are scattered randomly on all tables.
In your table groups, illustrate the safety scenario. Be prepared to discuss when you would stop work and what corrective measures you would take.
What Do Our Values Mean?
Read and discuss your assigned value with your table. What is the intent behind each value? Why is it important for the company and our customers? Give a real life example of how this value can manifest itself in day to day work. Be prepared to debrief with the group.
Each group will be assigned a case. Choose a group member to "become" Jada, Joe, Maria, or Nia. That person will be given their role and will read the case study. For each question, spend a few minutes discussing with your table, then the selected person will read the corresponding answer on how it played out in the scenario. Be prepared to debrief key takeways with the group.
Corporate Support
Energy Procurement & Management
Regulatory Affairs and Govt Affairs
Customer & Operational Services
Transmission and Distribution
What is culture?
Aggressive California climate goals
Reduce greenhouse gases to 40% below 1990 levels by 2030 and to 80% below 1990 levels by 2050.
Strategy Integrated Planning & Performance
Regulatory Affairs
Transmission & Distribution
We are here to
Security &
Edison’s Strategic Business Priorities
Operational & Service Excellence
Operational & Service Excellence
So What do Customers Expect from Edison?
And What is Your Role?
What Our Customers Experience
Listen to Call Center Client Calls
Listen to a real call center call make note of when the customer service representative is exemplifying excellent customer service.
Being an Edison Ambassador
Resources to Empower & Support You

Portal Walkthrough
Our infrastructure is aging and needs to be replaced
It was mostly built in the 1950s – with about a 50-year life span.
This is our
energy to our customers.
Vision and Strategy
Our Vision
We will lead the transformation of the electric power industry, focusing on opportunities in clean energy, efficient electrification, grid of the future and customer choice to strengthen and grow our business.

Our Strategy
Cleaning the power system
Helping customers make
cleaner energy choices
Strengthening and
modernizing the grid
Achieving operational
and service excellence
Cleaner energy choices
Modernizing the grid
Owning Our Safety
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