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Ceto (Keto) the Greek God

No description

jacqueline lopez

on 5 April 2014

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Transcript of Ceto (Keto) the Greek God

Ceto is a greek goddess.

Ceto (Keto)
She was partners with her brother the sea god Phorkys, and made a blood of awful monsters such as: Ekhida(the Viper),Skylia (the Crab),Ladon(the Dragon),Graia(the Grey),and the Gorgones(the Terrible ones).
Ceto Powers
Ceto powers are that she was a marine goddess.Who made the seas dangers she was mostly a goddess of whales,large sharks, and sea-monsters (Greek Ketea).
Ceto (Keto) the Greek God
What is Greek Mythology?
Greek mythology is bodies of myths and teaching what belongs to the ancient Greeks,concerning that their gods and heroes, are the nature of the world,and the origins and significance of their own cult and ritual practices. Its part of the religion in ancient Greece.
(Keto with Pontos) with a lion and parts of the seahorses of Poseidon.
Symbols that represent Ceto.
What does Ceto represent?
Word Cited
Ceto was a water goddess, that represents the dangers of the seas, specifically dangerous marine life or what Greeks thought were ''monsters'' i.e. sharks, or large whales.She made ''actual'' monsters sea monsters with her brother Phorkys.
Her name means ''whales'' or ''sea-monster''
What are Ceto weapons?
Ceto weapons are her sea monsters the bloody awful monsters that she makes with her brother Phorkys.The monsters that make the seas so dangerous.
A maker of sea monsters.
*www.theoi.com greek-mythology/sea garsilitm
Image Cited
Fun Fact!!!
Keto was an Indian Okeanid Naiad Nymon was loved by the sun-god Hellios. She made him have a daughter with her and named it Astris the star-nymploe wife of the Indian river-god Hydaspes.
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