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Introduction to CSPE

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Fergus Mc Brearty

on 7 September 2016

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Transcript of Introduction to CSPE

What is CSPE? (civic, social, political, education)

CSPE is a Junior Cycle course designed to promote Active Citizenship in young adults.

The course features
core concepts:
human dignity
rights and responsibilities
law and interdependence
Human Dignity
All people are entitled to Human Dignity. This means that everyone has the right to satisfy their human needs, such as food, security, shelter, education, friendship, self-fulfillment, love etc.

Dignity gives an individual a sense of value and worth.
Rights & Responsibilities
Everyone is entitled to basic human rights.

This means everyone, from every country, man or woman, rich or poor, black or white, disabled or not, is entitled to human rights.

These human rights exist to make sure that the dignity of everyone is properly and equally respected, so that each person will be able to fully develop.

Along with these rights comes a responsibility to act in a way that is in keeping with our own rights and those of others.

Denying others their rights, for example through bullying or racism, can be damaging to people in many ways.
We all have a duty to look after the planet on which we live. Each individual is a temporary steward or caretaker of the Earth.

This means that each person must be aware of, and manage, their impact on the Earth's environment and resources.
Q. What is development?
This section of the course teaches you about the political process at a local, national, and EU level.

Students learn about elections, the functioning of the Oireachtas and the benefits of democracy as a form of government.
The Law
You should be aware that laws and rules serve important purposes in any community or society, including the peaceful resolution of conflicts, the protection of life and property etc.

Laws and rules set out common codes of conduct. They are a means through which we ensure that the rights of individuals are protected. They inform us of our rights and of the responsibilities that go with them.
Understand that all people on earth are interconnected in many ways and that we should do what we can to ensure that these relationships have fair and just outcomes.
Introduction to CSPE
Year Two

Mr. Mc Brearty CSPE Recap
Action Project- 60%
Examination - 40%
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