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No description

Raquel Martins

on 21 August 2013

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Transcript of Leadership

Under the surface
So, What makes a good leader?
What is The Key?
What leaders pay more attention to.

Clarify who you are and what you want
How did We Get
to the Moon?
Was it a Speech?
Or because someone figured out how to launch 5 million pounds straight up?
Or because parents raised children
willing to take the risk?
Or a team figured how to return?

The Moon.
One Vision.
Hundreds of leaders
executing thousands of objectives.
Traditional View
+ Powerfully articulate their vision
+ Passionate
+ Inspirational
+ Unconvencional
+ Willing to take the risk
+ Charismatic
+ Highly motivated to lead

Another View of leaders
+Soft spoken +Gentle
+Serious +Humble
+Modest +Thoughtful
+Good listener +Rather Shy
+Unobstructive +Quiet

What is Leadership about?
Accomplishing Tasks through others?
Influence others to accomplish an objective?
Providing direction to a common goal?
Built to Last Leaders
Charismatic Visionary Leaders
Paul Galvin, Leader of Motorola
Eugene McDonald
Leader of Zenith

+Ability to delegate

+Sense of Humor


+Ability to inspire
+Positive attitude
Leadership Skills
Core Values
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