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Copy of Kappa Alpha Theta Recruitment Workshop #3

- Conversations - Outfit requirements/ approvals - Open House Update/ Bump Group Activity

Renee Nonini

on 17 August 2015

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Transcript of Copy of Kappa Alpha Theta Recruitment Workshop #3

Kappa Alpha Theta
Recruitment Workshop #3!

Today's Agenda...
Goals of Conversations

Bump Group Activity
Sisterhood Outfits and Approvals
Recruitment Star of the Week
Open House Information
Questions asked should be geared towards the 4 points of the kite.
Show the PNM's why they should choose Theta - sell yourself and your sisters!
Make the PNM's feel comfortable and at home.
Ensure that we are representing Theta in every conversation we have.
We want to
How to be an Impeccable Conversationalist
Things to Avoid During Conversations
Think back to when you were going through Recruitment - what were some conversations that made you want to become a Theta? What were some conversations that made you uncomfortable?

Always think about the PNM - put yourself in her shoes.

Have questions that are geared towards the 4 points of the kite...
Example: Leadership Potential - Have you checked out any clubs on campus? What were your passions in high school?

Remember what Theta stands for and what Theta means to you.

Some awkward questions and conversation topics may come up, and you must be prepared to handle them...
- Are there stereotypes for each sorority? What's Theta's stereotype?
- What fraternity does Theta hang out with the most?
- A girl at a party once told me that I was for sure going to be a Theta!
Why did you choose Theta?
Some Things to Consider...
Be Personable, energetic and welcoming! Some girls are incredibly shy and nervous, so try and bring them out of their shell.

Hold eye contact and use nonverbal communication (head, hand and body gestures).

Use your personality! Do not be afraid to insert facts about yourself.

Think of more meaningful questions to ask PNM's and have them in the back of your mind before recruitment - try and steer clear of the generic questions (what's your major? where do you live this year?).

Make sure you and your bump group know how you are going to transition - strange transitions can make the PNM feel uncomfortable.

Remember the PNM's name! It's embarrassing when you have to introduce her or address her and you don't remember her name.
Talk about Theta ONLY! Do not talk about any other sorority.

The 4 B's:

1. Booze - drinking and partying. You may be asked about parties and social events - avoid talking about alcohol and focus on the social aspect of the event. Do not talk about parties at all. This includes any mind altering substances.
2. Bucks - money is a personal topic
3. Bush - no politics.
4. Boys - recruitment is about women, not men. Do not bring up ex-boyfriends, fraternitie or fraternity parties.

Do not be judgemental of any PNM - Every girl deserves a fair shot.

Never leave a PNM out of the conversation - especially when a floater joins your conversation.

No profanities or slang words.

Do not be the one talking the whole time - be a good listener as well!
Things You Should Have Memorized...
- Court Appointed Special Advocates
- CASA gives children a home when they don't have one.
- Kat-At-Bat - our national philanthropy

4 points of the kite:
1. Intellectual Curiosity
2. Leadership Potential
3. Commitment to Service
4.Personal Excellence

Black and gold
: Black and gold pansy
Conversations Should Differ Each Day...
The day is focused on Theta's service opportunities, CASA and our philanthropy, Kat-at-Bat.

Conversations should involve a lot of basic questions...
- Why did you decide to go through recruitment?
- Where are you originally from?
- Why did you choose LMU?
- Have you always wanted to go through recruitment?

Remember, although we do a lot for CASA, Theta go above and beyond for service because it is one of our highest ideals...
- Feeding the hungry
- Soup kitchens
- Beach clean-ups

*This is every PNM's first impression of Theta, and they all talk! You must be on your A-game for every round, even the last one.

Remember, you want everyone PNM to want Theta.
Day 1: Philanthropy
Day 2: Sisterhood
Day 3: Preference
Day is focused on Sisterhood, and what it would be like to be a Theta.

This day is where we are able to showcase our personalities.

This day is much more interactive - there should be a community environment!

We need to sell the girls on Theta on this day!

Talk about Theta and what it means to you as much as possible.

Come into this day prepared...
- Any funny stories from when you went through recruitment?
- Did Theta stand out to you on the second day? If so, why?
- What are some memories that you've shared with your sisters that showcase Theta's personality?

During the slideshow, feel free to slip a few comments about the pictures and videos to your PNM so they feel included in the slideshow.

Day is focused on making the PNM's feel comfortable and special. Everyone WHISPERS.

There will be a lot more girls floating and constantly walking around - it is the floaters job to eliminate awkwardness and make the girls feel like home.

Examples of what to say to your PNM:
- How is your day going so far?
- I'm really glad you're back!
- Do you have any concerns about making a decision?

Give the PNM helpful tips:
- Who can you see watching a movie with you in your PJ's?
- Every girl ends up where they belong, don't stress! It will all work out.
- Go with how you are feeling, do not let anyone pressure you to go one way or another.

Make the PNM feel as though she can trust you and put faith in you.

Remember, you do not vote on pref day, so any of the girls in the room could be a potential member!
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