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Windows Server 2012 R2

No description

Josh morrow

on 2 September 2015

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Transcript of Windows Server 2012 R2

Essential Functions
Windows Server is the foundation of the Microsoft datacenter.
WS2012R2 Editions
Standard Edition
1 license covers 2 physical processors and 2 virtual machines

Scenario: 1 physical server with 4 processors requires how many licenses?
Remote Desktop Services
RDS CALs are required for a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), in addition to the WS CAL.
Main Competitors
Apache Directory
Client Access License (CALs)
Device CAL MSRP - $25.10
Windows Server 2012 R2
These editions cannot be stacked on top of each other to increase the restricted amount of users and they cannot be used in addition to Standard or Datacenter to increase user count either.

If a company grows beyond the 15 user (Foundation) or 25 user (Essentials) user count they must start their licensing from scratch and migrate all of their data to the new server database.
Windows Server is the operating system for Microsoft servers.
Scenario: 1 physical server with 4 processors and 8 virtual machines requires how many licenses?
Software assurance can be purchased to enable the Dynamic Virtualization feature which is unlimited fail-over and high availability, nullifying the 90 reinstall restriction.
If a company has a window server license with software assurance, a company can also purchase a step up license to the Datacenter edition if they desire to upgrade. There are not any new features gained by stepping up, it simply allows for unlimited virtualization.
MSRP - STD - $757.96
MSRP - DataCtr - $5288.00
Thus, if there are more than 7 licenses per machine is more cost effective to purchase datacenter
User CAL MSRP - $32.62
CALs have to match versions.

If you are running WS2012R2 you have to have WS2012R2 CALs. Old CALs won't work, even if you downgrade server versions. For example, a company buys WS2012R2 but down grades to WS2008 and only has WS2008 User CALs. This scenario still requires a WS2012R2 CAL because that is the license that was purchased and being utilized regardless of downgrade.
VDI allows a business to host their employees desktop at the server level instead of locally on their employee's desktop. This is done so no matter which computer an employee logs into, that user can access their user profile.
This method is preferred over local installation because it protects against hardware and software failure and against security threats.
External Users
Anyone who access a server needs a CAL including external users.

For example if a company has a website being accessed by customers, those customers still need a CAL. Because this is an unquantifiable number User CALs don't make sense.
Thus, Microsoft has something called an External Connector License. Once license covers ALL external users.
If someone is using Linux servers its for 2 reasons:
How to Sell It
3 main factors induce server purchases (i.e. buying signals)

Old server OS goes End of Service
Questions to Ask
How many physical servers?
Meaning, ever single Microsoft server application is running on top of a Windows Server Operating System
They are using very specific applications that are not Microsoft applications, that require Linux.

They are a very small shop that has an ideology opposed to Microsoft.
New server comes out with key upgrades

New Hardware upgrade/refresh/project
How many VMs?
How many users?
Any external users?
Do you need to buy the hardware still?
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