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Fashion Buying Centers in the US

Explore national buying centers.

H. Dravecky

on 25 April 2014

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Transcript of Fashion Buying Centers in the US

New York City -Also an international design center
-The Nation's leading buying center
-Consists of manufacturers housed in various buildings in the "garment center" (same as the Fashion District)
-5,000 showrooms - where manufacturers showcase lines for buyers
-Retail buyers visit showrooms and manufacturers to select designs for retail stores NY,NY -Center of fashion world since 1700s
- "Haute couture"
-Home to professional designers
-Extravagant fashion shows Paris, France Designer, Saint Laurent Click to see a clip from a Paris Fashion Show, spring/summer 2013 Milan, Italy -Fashion is second largest industry in Italy

-Clothing and shoes are major exports

- Italians share fashions through fashion fairs

-"Alta moda" = high fashion, centered in Rome while Milan focuses on ready-to-wear garments

-Milan started with leather goods and is still the leader in the production of leather accessories

-Family businesses London, England -Focuses on high quality, ready-to-wear garments
- Brought popular Mod designs of the 60s and "Twiggy's" look
(Twiggy was one of the first teen supermodels, popular in the 60s, from England)
-Princess Diana promoted British designers during the 80s and 90s
-Paris and Milan have made a larger impact, but London has contributed

-After WWII, Japanese women adopted western styles from Paris

-Designers from Japan emerged in the 1960s

-Influence fashion by unusual shapes, use of fibers, asymmetrical balance

-Produce American and European apparel as well as Japanese "urban huntsman" by Fumito Ganryu Major buying centers in the US include: NYC, LA, Dallas, Chicago, Atlanta, and Miami. Design Center - an area in a city where there are lots of fashion designers and fashion production firms together A buying center - is a central district in a city where fashion businesses sell products to retail buyers - focus on US buying centers US Design Centers:

In addition to NYC:

Dallas - moderately priced clothes

-LA: sportswear, surfwear, Hollywood-style evening wear

-Hosts one of the largest textile shows in the country What is a fashion buying center?

What is the difference between a buying center and a design center?

Where are they located?

What are some defining characteristics about each center? The average customer can't afford to wear expensive fashions.

Attendees of fashion shows acquire ideas to take back to companies and translate them into ideas that fit their target audience.

They pay fees to attend the shows and fees for the rights to copy the designs. Because of its global reputation, Paris is first choice of top designers to showcase fashion

Fashion is one of the top three export industries in France and one of the top employers in the country "Twiggy", Lesley Lawson , was one of the first supermodels Tokyo, Japan Statues marking the fashion district in mid-town Manhattan, NYC The Fashion Walk of Fame is located in the Fashion/Garment District. It highlights important contributors to fashion, just as the Hollywood walk of fame features actors and actresses that have made contributions to the arts. Los Angeles, California -Largest concentration of fashion-related businesses in the western US

-California Market Center is located here, which contains 1,800 showrooms featuring lots of apparel from manufacturers from furniture, decor, clothing, and textiles, and accessories -New York Fashion International - program formed to help companies do exports and to promote the design market internationally Video Clip: Watch this clip to learn about the buying center! http://www.californiamarketcenter.com/ "The New Mart" - contemporary and young-designer apparel marketplace in the LA Fashion District

http://www.newmart.net/ Chicago, Illinois -Buying center home to the Merchandise Mart which houses wholesale apparel, showrooms, and office space

- Chicago Apparel Center, used for showrooms, marketing events, fashion shows, seminars, promotional programs Atlanta, Georgia Buying center, uses the "AmericasMart" for showrooms, exhibit space

Buyers find a lot of sportswear lines in Atlanta Miami, Florida -Buyers/retailers go to Miami International Merchandise Mart next to the Miami Airport

-Known for sportswear,

children's wear,

& swimwear (no audio here on purpose, please read/watch)
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