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No description

sarah oster

on 21 March 2013

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Transcript of SOLAR ECLIPSE

What Natives Thought of it: Solar *gets it's name from the Latin word
"little ring" Difference Between Solar and
Lunar: *to tell the difference you have to have a
source to tell where the moon and sun are.

*solar eclipse is when the moon lies between
the sun and Earth, Lunar is the other way

*There are four types or stages of solar
Eclipse: Total, Annual, hybrd, partial Eclipse Name: *they occur nearly identical (total, annual, or partial)

*occur after 18 years and 11 days, or every 6585.32 days (called the sacros cycle). Viewing: 1. Eclipse99.gov, http:/www.Eclipse99.nasa.gov/pages/

2. Diffen.com, http:/www.diffen.com/difference/lunar_eclipse

3.space.com, http://www.space.com/18563-solar_eclipses.com

1. First on the moon
BY: Ancient China:

Ancint Japan:

Ancient India: thought it was a dragon eating the sun.

thought it to be a attack.

thought it to be bad luck for pregnant women. *on may 29, 1919 a total solar eclipse
was used to prove a theory of Albert
Einstine's right. That theory was that gravity can bend light.

*the solar eclipse is easy to view for public so it has caused eye damage.

*2-5 times a year one solar Eclipse would happen BOOKS Bibliography: Hehner, Barabra First published
in the United States in new york by
the Walt Disney Company in 1999 Solar Eclipse By:Sarah Oster 5 per. 3.11.13
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