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Pythagoras of Samos

No description

Keely Huynh

on 29 September 2013

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Transcript of Pythagoras of Samos

Pythagoras's mentors were Thales, Pherekydes, and Anaximander. They were what inspired him to pursue mathematics and astronomy. Thales had Pythagoras travel to Egypt where he will recieve more knowledge. Pythagoras had many teachers and specialized in geometry and mathematics.
How and Where did He Live Most of His Life?
Pythagoras lived most of his life in Samos about 35 years but had many expeditions with his father.
How has History Remember Him?
By still using his Pythagorean thereom in our everday life. For example when doing architecture and construction, navigation when determining a location, earthquakes to triangulate the distance traveled by the faster waves than the slower waves and geologists can determine the center of an earthquake, in a crime scene investigation to determine the bullet trajectory, or arrow and missile trajectory.
Interesting Facts
Pythagoras formed a secret society ""Brotherhood of Pythagoreans''
The secret society has a motto that is ''all is number.''
Pythagoras already knew that the Earth is round.
Pythagoras of Samos
Birth Date: 570 B.C - 495 B.C
Birth Place : Born - Samos, Died - Metapontum

Childhood : He spent many of his early years in Samos. But Pythagoras's father Mnesarchus was a merchant so he would travel a lot. And Pythagoras would acompany him.
Pythagoras was interested in poetry and he would recite the poems of Homer.

His father was Mnesarchus and his mother was named Pythias. His spouse was named Theano and they had 4 children named Damo, Myia, Arignote, and Telauges
Mathematical Contributions
His Pythagorean Theorem helps us find the third side of a right triangle when you only know the length of the two sides.
Impacting the World Today
Use to help in a crime scene investigation which can help capture criminals, help buid safe constructed houses, and helps NASA determine the position of a spacecraft.
Name : Keely Huynh
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