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Disney Hong Kong

No description

Cheng Yang

on 17 July 2013

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Transcript of Disney Hong Kong

The Walt Disney Company
Thank you!
is here
October 16, 1923 founded in Los Angeles

Walt & Ray founded Disney
Issues and Challenges
Launch of a Hong Kong Theme Park
About Hong Kong
Hong Kong itself has a different culture. How to make the theme park successful at a place of different culture?
E.g. Customer base at Hong Kong.

About the Theme Park
Lack of own characteristics. Nothing different from that in the United States. Need more innovation.
Geography and People
Where to build the park? How large should the scale of the park be?
E.g. Number of entertainment facilities.

There are three common languages at Hong Kong, how to make sure all people can enjoy the park?
Employee issue.
Ocean Park at Hong Kong
A much smaller local theme park, earned a net profit of more than 10 million in 2011. Ocean park is more popular among Hong Kong residents.

Disney land at Shanghai in a few years
Open in 2016. Larger than Hong Kong Disneyland!
More customer base.
Sam Arijeloye
Charleen Yang
Qi Han

Hong Kong Disneyland
November 3 1999--Announcement
September 12 2005--Opening Ceremony
"To all who come to this happy place, welcome. Many years ago, Walt Disney introduced the world to enchanted realms of fantasy and adventure, yesterday and tomorrow, in a magical place called Disneyland. Today that spirit of imagination and discovery comes to life in Hong Kong. "

"Hong Kong Disneyland is dedicated to the young and the young at heart - with the hope that it will be a source of joy and inspiration, and an enduring symbol of the cooperation, friendship and understanding between the people of Hong Kong and the United States of America."

—Michael D. Eisner and Donald Tsang, 12 September 2005
Operated by Hong Kong International Theme Park
57%->53% Hong Kong Government
43%->47% Disney
Hong Kong's Interest
Boost the tourist visit
Enhance Hong Kong's international image
Enrich the quality of life
Provide jobs opportunities
Disney's Interests
Potential Chinese market

Mix culture of Hong Kong

Risk sharing

Cartoon fever
Changed the orientation of the park
Landscape design
Food menu
Costumes of Cartoon characters
Background Information
Walt Disney Company
Tokyo Disneyland
Euro Disney
Introduction of Hong Kong Disney:
Brief history
Owner of Disneyland Hong Kong
Hong Kong's interests
Disney's interests
Issues and Challenges
Discussion Questions
1.What are the critical issues for the Disney to launchthe third offshore Disney theme park in Hong Kong?
2. Who are the principal stakeholders to launch this theme park?
3. What can the Disney learn from the corporate communication lesson in Tokyo and Paris?
4. Who should mainly manage the project in Hong Kong, the Disney itself or Hong Kong government as the local partner?
Discussion Questions

5. Which issue should the Disney try to address first?
6. How can the Disney balance its own identity or corporate culture and the local culture?
7. What actions should Irene Chan and Disney's Global Corporate Communications take to address these critical issues
Disney Tokyo
A Japanese company, called Oriental Land Co., Ltd. (OLC)

International theme park in Asia, where sales of Disney movies and products were not strong

Turned out to be a great success.
Euro Disney
Based on the U.S. model, but localized and adjusted to suit the European location.

1,000 employees left Disney employment

decrease in customers and not perform better than America or Tokyo.
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