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The Woman in Black

No description

Clarissa Hoad

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of The Woman in Black

The Woman in Black Film Hammer Box Office Credits Cast Synopsis Book & Play The book was adapted into a play by Stephen
Mallatratt. The play is staged at the Fortune Theater
in Covent Garden and has been running since its
opening in 1989. In this version, an older Kipps enlists a young actor to help him tell the story of the 'Woman in Black', hoping that this will help him to move on from those events and exorcise the ghost. The actor plays the part of the young Arthur Kipps while Kipps plays the roles of the people he met. The play adds the twist that the actress playing the Woman in Black in the recreation of the events was the real Woman in Black. Director- James Watkins
Writers- Susan Hill (novel) Jane Goldman (screenplay)

Production Companies:
- Cross Creek Pictures
- Hammer Film Productions
- Alliance Films
- UK Film Council
- Talisman Productions
- Exclusive Media Group
- Film i Vast
- Filmgate Release date- 10th February 2012
Budget - $17, 000,000
Opening weekend- $20,874,072 (USA)
Gross- $54,322,273 (USA) In London, lawyer Arthur Kipps still grieves the death of his beloved wife
Stella on the delivery of their son Joseph four years ago. His employer gives him
a last chance to keep his job, and he is assigned to travel to the remote village of
Cryphin Gifford to examine the documentation of the Eel Marsh House that
belonged to the recently deceased Mrs. Drablow. Arthur befriends Daily on the
train and the man offers a ride to him to the Gifford Arms inn. Arthur has a cold
reception and the owner of the inn tells that he did not receive the request of
reservation and there is no available room. The next morning, Arthur meets
solicitor Jerome who advises him to return to London. However, Arthur goes to the
isolated manor and soon he finds that Eel Marsh House is haunted by the vengeful
ghost of a woman dressed in black. He also learns that the woman lost her son
drowned in the marsh and she seeks revenge, taking the children of the
scared locals. The Woman in Black is a 1983 horror fiction novel by
Susan Hill about a menacing spectre that haunts a small
Emma Shorey -Fisher Girl
Molly Harmon -Fisher Girl
Ellisa Walker-Reid -Fisher Girl
Sophie Stuckey -Stella Kipps
Daniel Radcliffe -Arthur Kipps
Misha Handley -Joseph Kipps
Jessica Raine -Nanny
Roger Allam -Mr. Bentley
Lucy May Barker -Nursemaid
Indira Ainger -Little Girl on Train
Andy Robb -Doctor
Ciarán Hinds -Daily
Shaun Dooley -Fisher
Mary Stockley -Mrs. Fisher
Alexia Osborne -Victoria Hardy
Alfie Field -Tom Hardy
William Tobin -Charlie Hardy
Victor McGuire -Gerald Hardy
Cathy Sara -Mrs. Jerome
Tim McMullan -Mr. Jerome
Daniel Cerqueira -Keckwick
Liz White -Jennet
Alisa Khazanova -Mrs. Drablow
Ashley Foster -Nathaniel Drablow
David Burke -PC Collins
Janet McTeer -Mrs. Daily
Aoife Doherty -Lucy Jerome
Sidney Johnston -Nicholas Daily The book has also been adapted into a stage play by Stephen Mallatratt. The stage play was first performed at the Stephen Joseph Theatre-In-The-Round in Scarborough, UK in 1987. It was very well received and moved to the Fortune Theatre in London's West End in 1989 where it still runs today, as well as currently being on a UK National Tour. It is the second longest-running play in the history of the West End, after The Mousetrap. television writer Nigel Kneale (best known as the creator of the Quatermass
science-fiction serials). In 2012 again, a film adaptation of the same name was
released, starring Daniel Radcliffe.
produced in 1989, with a screenplay by the distinguished film and
film based on the story, also called The Woman in Black, was
English town, foreshadowing the death of children. A television
The Play The Book Launched in 1934, Hammer's first production was The Public Life Of
Henry The Ninth and, following a period of inactivity during WW2, the
first picture from the newly incorporated Hammer Film Productions Ltd.
was 1949's Dr. Morelle: The Case Of The Missing Heiress. The new
company's first colour film was The Men Of Sherwood Forest in 1954,
and in 1955 the success of The Quatermass Xperiment led to Hammer's
move into horror films including The Curse Of Frankenstein in 1957 and
Dracula in 1958. A hugely successful run of Gothic monster movies cemented the company's reputation as
'Hammer House of Horror', and deals with Universal Studios and Columbia kept the production
base at Bray Studios busy with an incredible volume of films produced during this period.

Half-way through the 1960s deals were struck with Seven Arts and Twentieth Century Fox, which
led to further horror classics including The Plague Of The Zombies, Quatermass And The Pit, and The Devil Rides Out in addition to successful adventure films including One Million Years B.C. The 1960s also saw Hammer's first move into television production with Journey To The Unknown and
in 1968 the company received the Queen's Award for Industry.

The 1970s saw a clutch of vampire movies and some lucrative movie spin-offs from British sitcoms. To The Devil A Daughter was the last Hammer horror feature in 1976, but production continued
into the 1980s with two influential and well-loved TV anthology series: Hammer House Of
Horror and Hammer House Of Mystery And Suspense. Hammer's return to horror was heralded by interactive web
serial Beyond The Rave, which was broadcast by MySpace in
13 territories in 2008. Let Me In, Hammer's first theatrical
feature of the millennium, was released worldwide late 2010 to
widespread critical acclaim. The Resident and Wake Wood
followed early 2011 with The Woman In Black (starring Daniel
Radcliffe) released February 2012 to five-star reviews and
record-breaking box-office. Hammer's next release will be
The Quiet Ones starring Jared Harris and Sam Claflin.
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