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Stough Global Open House

No description

Julie Garber

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of Stough Global Open House

Stough Elementary Where a world of opportunity awaits! What does it mean to be in the
Global Schools Collaborative Network? International Staff Members VIF Passport Program Foreign Language
Instruction 21st Century Tools Integrated Global Lessons Mr.Simon Bamford
from England Ms.Helen Wackrow
from New Zealand Raleigh, North Carolina North American-5th Grade South America-1st Grade Europe-4th Grade Asia-2nd Grade Africa-3rd Grade Oceania-Kindergarten Global Open House Mr. Luis Cortes
Spanish Teacher Grades K-5
From Puerto Rico Ms.Julie Garber
Technology Facilitator Mrs.Cheryl Stidham, Principal
Mr.Bill Helfrich, Assistant Principal Tonight, let's travel into a Global School! Kindergarten - Gingerbread Man Adventures
First Grade - Culture Quilts & South American Student Comparisons
Second Grade - Asian Artifacts displayed in VoiceThread
Third Grade - VoiceThread Projects on African Countries
Fourth Grade - European Research Projects displayed in Print & VoiceThread, Kandinsky Geometric Art
Fifth Grade - Wax Museum on Famous Americans
Spanish - Lesson on Greeting Phrases Global Projects Displayed this Evening: Promethean Boards (Interactive WhiteBoard)
ActivExpression or ActiVotes (Learner Response Device)
Computer Lab
Media Center Computer Lab
Mobile Laptop Carts
iPad Carts with 30 iPads per Grade Level
iPod Touch Cart
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