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MOOCs from the inside

Presentation at the The Jisc RSC Scotland Annual Conference & iTech Awards, 7 June 20113

Christine Sinclair

on 21 March 2014

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Transcript of MOOCs from the inside

A team's reasons
Exploration of space
Teaching at scale
Research and scholarship
Already experienced in digital spaces
Reputation - early adopter of educational technology
Exploration of a new pedagogical space to inform practice
Wish to reach as widely as we can with our courses
Sharing experiences with peer universities

Professor Jeff Hayward, Vice Principal
Ary's sliderocket explains pre-course activities - entirely organised by prospective students
"How EDCMOOC became a cMOOC before it even began"
Ary Aranguiz, student
Image: Cikgu Brian
What have we learned?
915 blogs pulled into EDCMOOC News
When teaching at scale…

be flexible, but stick to your course design
be clear about what's (not) on offer
…and what's (not) expected from students
making connections will be different
teacher presence is different
peer feedback and assessment need practice
platform providers need to know about barriers
there will be many contradictory views
Ruth Wilson's combination of Pinterest and SoundCloud
Being a Coursera Partner

Commitment over a set period, e.g. three years
Legal implications, complex contracts
Negotiations at a very senior level
High quality video recordings expected
Quality assurance commitment
Staffing - instructors and teaching assistants
Image: James Cridland, Flickr
E-learning and digital cultures
Inside University of Edinburgh

our heads

from the inside

Christine Sinclair
University of Edinburgh
Massive Online Course
Inside University of Edinburgh
Edinburgh & Coursera
Over 300,000 enrolments
Over 165,000 actively engaged
Nearly 35,000 statements of accomplishment

Image: Eleni Zazani
Start date 28 January
First email in November

Links to Flickr, YouTube, SynchTube, WordPress, Blogger, Facebook, Meetup, Twitter and Google Plus
Inside Coursera
Readings for Week 4
Outside Coursera
our heads

What we know about our learners
figures from Coursera
Introduction to Philosophy 98,128
Critical Thinking 75,884
E-Learning and Digital Cultures 42,844
Astrobiology 39,556
AI Planning 29,894
Equine Nutrition 23,322
Total 309,628
29% average of initial active learners 'completed', with a range of 7-59% across the six courses
What we know about our learners
figures from our own surveys
No personal data is collected by Coursera at enrolment
Characteristics of the respondents to the Entry and Exit surveys were very similar, so we may have recorded data from a single population – we know very little about our non-active learners
Our pre-course survey was sent to 217,512 unique email addresses:
21% response rate (45,182)
Our post-course survey had 15,351 responses
203 countries represented
95% found the courses 'good', 'very good' or 'excellent'
course exceeded expectations: 32%
course completely met expectations: 45%
expectations met to some extent: 21%
did not meet expectations: 2%
MOOCs @ Edinburgh 2013
report available from:
Amy Burvall's annotated video 'Digital Life'
Sheila MacNeill's spicy nodes and blog posts
Ruth Wilson's combination of Pinterest and SoundCloud
Ess Garland's EDCMOOC timeline in Tiki-Toki
c42,000 enrolled users
c5,000 active by week 4
60% female; 40% male
36% aged 25-34 years
60% employed in education
61% have a PG degree
Over to you
Frequently associated with 'xMOOCs'
What's next for MOOCs?
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