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The Battle of Fort Sumter

An imformational presentation on the battle of fort sumter and how it lead to the civil war.

sonia fraser

on 24 February 2011

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Transcript of The Battle of Fort Sumter

The Battle of Fort Sumter Location
The battle of Fort Sumter took place on a small island in Charleston Bay off the coast of Charleston South Carolina at Fort Sumter.It happened on April 12 1861. What happened
*Lincoln wanted to avoid war
*he gave Confederate authorities the wrong information
*information was used against Union
*Conferderate artillery open fired onto Fort Sumter
*Union was forced to retreat Why this happened
*threatened beliefs
*high tension between two sides
*different beliefs
*the people did not take
the war seriously Why this event lead to the civil war
*North was offended by South
*South was under occupation
*South and North disagreed Bibliogrophy
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