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Tim Burton's Big Fish

No description

Jon Youens

on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of Tim Burton's Big Fish

Tim Burton's 'Big Fish'

Great directors know what an audience wants and are able to deliver this time and time again.
A successful film director has a method that can guarantee an engaged audience.
Hybrid Genre
German Expressionism
Split Worlds
Essay Question
Essay Break Down
3 key elements in Burton's films
Hybrid Genre Split Worlds Loner/Outsider

German Expressionism
Colour & Costume
Contrast lighting
Camera angles
Flashbacks reminiscent of a variety
of genres: war/crime/circus/adventure
Flashback genres
How does Burton's expansive use of genres and styles help to engage
the audience?
How has Burton used German expressionism to express the inner feelings of Jenny in these screen shots?
Hint: German expressionism displays the inner thoughts and feelings of characters through a visual medium.

Gothic literature sought to reconnect with the ‘dark’ side of life and human nature.
The idea of the unknown and fixation on death are key elements of the Gothic genre, how are these elements evident in 'Big Fish'?
Contrast lighting
How does Burton use lighting to differentiate between reality and fantasy?

Camera angles and shots
Name the camera angles/shots used in the following images and describe how they accentuate (highlight) the split world between Edward Bloom and his son Will.
The majority of the music in the film is played during the flashback scenes. The only exception is the slow emotional sounds when Sandra and Edward are grieving.
Compare the mood of the scenes set in real time to the mood in the flashback scenes.
Does the music, or the absence of, help set the mood? Explain your answer.
Here are three examples of how Burton has used costume to
isolate his characters.
Look at the colours Edward is wearing. If Spectre represents heaven, how is Edward represented?

Hint: What does red and black symbolise?
Edwards birth scene can be seen as a metaphor describing his whole life. Explain why.

Edward Bloom (teenager):
Kept in a small bowl the gold fish will remain small with more space the fish will grow double triple or quadruple it's size.

Edward Bloom (man):
It was that night I discovered most things you consider evil or wicked are simply lonely and lacking in social niceties.

The biggest fish in the river gets that way by never being caught.

Edward Bloom (old):
I was never much for being at home Will, too confining

Tim Burton:
Edward is a gregarious misfit, whose twisted enthusiasm masks a need for privacy.

The Fish
What does the big fish symbolise in the film?
Hint: There is more than one right answer.
Look at these three images, of Spectre, Edward's shoes and'the werewolf, what do you think they each symbolise?
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