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Resumes for Beginners

No description

Aubrey Rader

on 16 April 2013

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Transcript of Resumes for Beginners

Find Your Direction!
Visit SRU Career Today!
724-738-2028 General Resume Rules 1. Put your brain in Resume Mode 2. Do Not Use a Resume Template 3. Tailor Your Resume 4. Clear, Consistent, Concise Other Optional Resume Parts Honors and Awards
Summary of Qualifications/Skills
Professional Development
Community Service
Computer Skills
Military Experience
Related Interests
Experience Abroad Bullet Statement = Action Verb + Task + Skill Formatting Tips Slippery Rock University Reminder: This is just ONE example!! For more, visit: http://www.sru.edu/academics/enrollment/career/Pages/ResumeExamples.aspx 1. 0.5-1.0 Inch Margins 2. Font: 11-12 Point, Times New Roman or Calibri 3. 1-2 Pages in Length 4. Balanced White Space and Text 5. Alignment of dates, titles, and bullets Identifying Information (aka Header) Objective Internship: Full-time: General/Job Fair: Collaborated with a team of 7 associates to provide superior customer service

Designed and implemented new employee training for 10 employees

Presented 5 leadership workshops to a group of 30 students in leadership program Education Related Coursework Experience Involvement
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