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Civil War Battles In Texas


Michael Reyes

on 1 March 2011

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Transcript of Civil War Battles In Texas

Civil War Battles In Texas Sabine Pass Who- Date- Where- Outcome- # of Casualties- September 24-25, 1862 Jefferson County, texas Union-Steamer Kensington, Schooner Rachel Seaman, and Mortar Schooner Henry James
Confederate-Fort Griffith Garrison (30) and 25 mounted men 3 1/2 miles away Union victory Unknown Sabine Pass II Date- Where- Who- Outcome- # of Casualties- September 8, 1863 Jefferson County, texas union-4 gunboats and 7 transports loaded with troops
confederate-Texan Davis Guards (44 men) Confederate victory union-230
confederate-unknown Galveston Date- where- who- outcome- # of casualties- October 4, 1862 Galveston County, Texas None Union victory None galveston date- where- who- outcome- # of casualties- January 1, 1863 Galveston County, texas union-Companies D, G and I, 42nd Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry Regiment and the Blockading ships confederate-four Confederate gunboats and district of Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona troops Confederate victory 650 total union-600
confederate-50 Palmetto ranch date- where- who- outcome- # of casualties- May 12-13, 1865 Cameron County, texas union-Detachments from the 62nd U.S. Colored Infantry Regiment, 2nd Texas Cavalry Regiment, and 34th Indiana Volunteer Infantry
confederate-Detachments from Gidding's Regiment, Anderson's Battalion of Cavalry, and numerous other Confederate units and southern sympathizers Confederate victory Total unknown union-118
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