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jessica lee

on 29 April 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Sumba was a hero in the lion king just like you are in reality. Sumba crosses the threshold when he runs away from home. Then Sumba has his mentor and/or guide to help or guide him. Sumba also faces my trials on his way home and when he gets home. the hero's journey is when someone gets called to a trial or epic journey. Then the hero crosses the threshold after it meets its mentor or guide. The hero then goes and faces many trials. Crisis, the lowest point then strikes. The hero finally returns from were he/she left. Then theirs a resolution which usually were the hero gets a new life or starts all over again like a second chance. Introduction Thesis statement Conclusion Simba's father dies trying to save him from elk. Simba's uncle Scar makes him feel guilty and he runs away from home. Simba faces many trials and task's on his journey. For example when he left home he had to stay with Timon and Pumba because he didn't know were he was. Another trial is when he got home simba's uncle scar had taken over his home and he had to fight many animals including his uncle scar. Simba fallows the hero's journey in many ways. He crosses the threshold when he runs away from home. He has Zazu as his mentor or guide to lead him in the right direction. He also faces many trials and difficult task like when he had to fight his uncle for his home. The Little Mermaid and Finding Nemo are other examples of a hero's journey. The hero's journey is important because everyone goes through one. You might not realize it but reality is a hero's journey and you fallow it everyday. You face many trials everyday you also have a guide or mentor whether its your parents or someone else. Your life is a hero's journey. In the movie Lion King, Simba follows the hero's journey cycle because he crosses a threshold. has a guide or mentor, then he faces trials or task on his epic journey. The hero's journey calls for a departure from home. This is also known as crossing the threshold. Whether it was a call to journey or the hero was forced, the hero still fallows the hero's journey. Simba accomplishes this task when he runs away from his home. Like in the Odyssey when Odysseus leaves his home land to go fight in the trojan war. The bird Zazu was Simba and his fathers mentor or guide. The hero's journey calls for a guide or mentor to help lead the hero in the right direction. The guide or mentor also helps the hero threw hard task or difficult obstacles. The mentor or guide try's to point the hero to the correct path in order to achieve his goal or to were he should be. Like in the Odyssey Odysseus has Athena to guide him. The hero's journey includes hard task and many difficult trials. Simba succeeds to fallow the hero's journey because he goes though many obstacles threw out his journey. In the hero's journey the hero will come face to face with his fears, have to fight for freedom, and possibly have to fight for his home and many more. Like in the Odyssey Odysseus faces many trials and hard task. For example Odysseus has to fight for freedom from a cyclopes.
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