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Similarities Between the North & South/Triggers of Civil War

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Thomas Robertine

on 18 February 2015

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Transcript of Similarities Between the North & South/Triggers of Civil War

Recap of Differences
Social Similarities
"A Peculiar Institution"
Economic Similarities
Political Similarities
Similarities Between the North & South
Both the northern and southern states used the "Democratic Model" of government.

Government was divided into three branches: Executive, Legislative, and Judicial

Both were considered Republican forms of government, but the South's idea of a Republic had not changed since colonial times-the North's had.

The North wanted "free soil" and the South wanted "the right of property" which included slaves.
Both the North & South relied heavily on farming-they used the same techniques

North raised wheat and corn; the South raised rice, tobacco, and cotton

Their economies were linked. Cotton was harvested in the South and transported to the North for production

Railroad investment in the North had a good deal to do with transporting goods from the South.
Outside of slavery, the social structure in the North and South were very similar.

Both had: a large lower class, a smaller middle class, and even smaller upper class.

While the majority of southerners sympathized with slave owners, most, like their northern counterparts, did not own slaves.

The north did business with slave states, often distrusted abolitionists, and cared little for blacks.

Blacks in the North were largely free, but not equal
What is a Tariff?

Why did the South oppose Tariffs? Why?
What were the two immigrant groups that came to the U.S. at this time? Why?
How were the lives of women different in the North and South?
What does this drawing suggest?
why did the North Support them?
What affect did Immigration
have on the North/South?
Do Now: What questions do you have about the differences between the North and South?
Were the North and South really that different from one another?
DO NOW: What do you think is the primary cause of the Civil War
DO NOW: In your opinion what was the primary cause of the Civil War?
Was your response to your DO NOW question explained in any of the stations?
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