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Greek Architecture

No description

Sophia Santos

on 27 April 2014

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Transcript of Greek Architecture

Greek Architecture
- Orders
-Uses and Styles
-Famous Examples
-Materials Used

-Doric Order
-Ionic Order
-Corinthian Order
There were more orders but these were the most important.
Uses and Types of Buildings
Famous Monuments
-Temple of Zeus
-Stoa of Attalus

Construction Materials
Interesting Facts
Doric Order
- The most simple type of order
- They used plain lines
-The widest column order
Ionic order
Corinthian order
- more decorative than
- columns are tall and thin
-columns and basis are decorated
- There was no base
- most decorative
-capitals are decorated with leaves and floral patterns
- Throughout time marble has been used by mankind
- used in the construction of houses, official buildings, and places of worship.
- It was a marketplace.
- It was used to meet, buy & sell things
- It also had government offices and courts, with the shops.
- a covered walk way
- "hangout"
A temple which was made for the goddess of Athena.
Homes had no specific design in particular, but were most often constructed with packed earth floors and mud bricks.

Temple of Zeus
Stoa of Attalus
How was the Parthenon made?
- were used to shelter the gods
Made By Prachi, Sophia, Maggie, Cy
- The Greeks had shopping malls, called the Stoa of Attalus

- The Greek god of Athena was built out of gold and ivory in Parthenon
- limestone was very popular in ancient greece
- it was used to built temples, theaters
-it was used to build temples and houses
Greek Architecture
- used before marble and stone
Used clay to make the roofs of houses.
- Were not made to worship them.
Finish the worksheet given.
You have five minutes to complete it.
After EVERYONE is done, trade it to your partner to check answers.
These are your objectives.
-Interesting Facts
- Built as semicircles
- The seats rose so everyone coud see and hear
- It was like a bowl shape.

Game of
What is the most simplest Greek column?
Which type of building had no specific deisgn in particular?
What was a popular construction material in Greece?
9 Spaces
4 spaces
5 spaces
What is Athena made out
of in the Parthenon?
4 spaces / 5 spaces
What is a famous example of a covered walkway/"hangout"
4 spaces 2 spaces 7 spaces
Stoa of Attalus
What colunm has capitols which are decorated with flower and leave patterns at the top?
10 spaces
What did they use to build roofs of their homes
4 spaces
What were temples not built for?
10 spaces
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