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Environmental Problems and Solutions

No description

John Sooy

on 17 April 2015

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Transcript of Environmental Problems and Solutions




Environmental Problems
Environmental problems are problems that interfere with our environment-and not in a positive way. Some problems include habitat destruction, pollution, resource depletion, and human population growth.
Pollution is a negative, unwanted change in the environment caused by substances or forms of energy.
Habitat Destruction is when natural habitats are changed and can no longer support the species that live there.
Renewable resources are natural resources that can be restored at the same rate at which the resource is used. Nonrenewable resources are a resource that forms at a rate that is not as quick as it is being used. Fossil fuels are an example of this. When people use nonrenewable resources faster than they can be replaced, resource depletion happens.
Environmental Solutions
Protecting Habitats
Protecting habitats is looking after habitats in ways such as picking up trash to protect the habitat and animals, ocean, and other habitats.
How's It Caused?
Habitat Destruction
Pollution has many causes. Some of these include litter, which sits around on the land. This is harmful because an animal may mistake the litter for food and it might try to eat it, which could make them choke or get sick. It can also be caused by cars because they release carbon dioxide and other harmful gases which make the air filled with harmful chemicals. If humans or animals inhale these chemicals, they could develop health problems and possibly die.
Resource Depletion
How's It Caused?
Habitat destruction can be caused by humans cutting down trees for resources, which destroys the homes of some animals, such as birds. It can also be caused by pollution. If the water supply of the habitat is polluted, the animals that live in the habitat are at risk of getting sick. Therefore, the habitat can't support them.
Human Population Growth
Human population growth happens when the population of our species grows. Although it doesn't sound bad, it can be damaging to our environment.
How Can It Be Bad?
How Can It Be Bad?
Environmental solutions are ways that you can keep the environment safe. These solutions are great ways to make the world a better place.
Human population growth can be bad because if we overpopulate, there won't be enough nonrenewable resources for everybody. Also, humans will cut down more forests for resources and land. And you can't forget that since there is more humans, more pollution will be produced.
Resource depletion is bad because if we lose all of one nonrenewable resource, we will have to wait a long time for the resources to come back.
How Can We Help?
We can help protect habitats by volunteering at nature reserves, which are protected areas for wildlife.
This is a presentation by John Sooy, Brendan McGonigle, Angela Eggie, and Hannah Young.
Conservation and Reduce
Conservation, also known as reducing, is the act of using less of something that produces pollution. This helps the environment because when people conserve, they try to reduce the use of items that harm the environment.
Thank you for watching our presentation about Environmental Problems and Solutions. We hope that you learned a lot from this presentation.
How Can We Help?
Reuse and Recycle
Reusing is using an old item again for a new purpose. Recycling is the process of making old materials into something new
How Can We Help?
Students can help recycling and reusing by buying reusable water bottles and rechargeable batteries.
We can help conserve in many ways. One of these ways is turning off the lights or TV when we're not using them. This can help the environment because if we use less power, power plants don't have to pollute the air to make as much power.
Maintaining Biodiversity
How Can We Help?
We can help maintain biodiversity by picking up trash at a beach or anywhere else. This helps because sometimes animals mistake trash for food. If they eat it, they can get sick or choke and die. If the animal that dies is an endangered species, they could become extinct after a while.
Maintaining biodiversity is making sure that there is a variety of different species in a habitat.
Don't let this happen!
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