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geonu kim

on 13 April 2016

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Transcript of exhibition

my subject is fashion

Fun fact about Hermes.
when Grace Kelly got pregnant she used the petit sac haute designed by Hermes to cover her belly but people started
to call it a Kelly bag.

Jane Birkin designed the Birkin bag.
The Kelly bag
my central idea is ....
Fashion is created by using different styles and designs.
my lines of inquiry
1.Style of fashion can be different depending on the era.
2.Designers need to know customer styles in order to be successful.

3.Manufacturers helps designers to create their products.

History of Hermes
Thierry Hermes was
born in Germany in 1801.
moved to Paris France.
he wanted to buy a shop but it was too expensive so he couldn't. After king Louis Phillip's death a few people got killed, so property got cheaper.This was a chance for him to buy a shop.
very talented at designing clothes for horse riders.
Before he died in 1878 he gave his store to his son.
Few years later when cars
were invented, his grandson
started to design
handbags and different
Gabrielle Chanel
Childhood of Chanel
Her childhood was terrible
her mum died early and dad rubbished them in church and even her sister died because of disease. After she grew up
she made a shop called

It was to be luxury so it needs to be comfortable, so she designed luxury and comfortable clothes.
After the war her company failed and she moved to Switzerland and rested in a rich hotel.
Later she came back to Paris and made clothes but first time it was hard but they started to get safe business.
Coco Chanel died 1971.

Chanel suit
Kelly bag

Chanel collection
2.55 bag
Chanel suit
Style of fashion can be different depending on the era.
1800-1820's Regency Era
long white gloves
long sleeved morning dress
young women mostly soft color
long white gloves
ex. light purple,light yellow
World War II

No corset
Shorter dress than party dress
Simple suit jacket
shorter dress
party dress
21st century fashion
t-shirts, jeans with logo
sport clothes
lots of wild design
wild design
21st century clothes
Quotes of Chanel
A girl should be two thing: classy
and fabulous -Chanel

Fashion has two purposes: comfort and love.
Beauty comes when fashion succeeds.

Luxury must be comfortable otherwise it is not luxury.

Teens spend the most
money for clothing
Teens spend about 21% of their money on clothing.
The manufacturer helps the designer to create products.
How designs get to manufacturer
1. Designer has an idea for something.
2.Hand sketch or computer sketch
3. If hand sketched, put it on the computer.
4.Turn basic idea to technical sketch (measurement)
5.Save basic and technical sketch as technical sketches as JPEG (Manufacturers
need sketches that show all angles )
6. Sketches and charts send to manufacturer.
7.After manufacturer develops pattern and it fits you, they will then use that pattern
to make more same.
handmade VS
machine made

more expensive
better quality
better fit
high quality material
lower output
more affordable
higher output
lower quality material
To be Hermes manufacturer.

You need go to France leather school for 3years.
after you graduate you need to train for 2 years.
After training you could join Hermes

New style of Louis
Louis Vuitton's image was classical because of style changes, Louis Vuitton almost failed but Marc Jacobs made classical style to more modern
style. (Marc Jacobs worked for Louis Vuitton)
old style
modern style
Generally bags takes 18 to 20 hours
She said this sentence
''Luxury must be comfortable otherwise it is
not luxury.''
Putting monogram
Louis Vuitton
Second line of inquiry

Designers needs to know customers styles in order to be successful.
First line of inquiry
thank you for listening
I said this everything
do you know that?
Roberts, David & Jeremy Leslie. Pick Me Up. London: DK, 2006. Print.

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''Over Seventy Years of Fashion History'' The People History. Web. 9/4/2015

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The Wearing Hats.

''Hermes Factory With Talking'' Intervew of Hermes manufacturer. Youtube. 4/10/2015

''Christian Blaenciaga''
. Web. 2004/22/2015

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