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How To Set Up An Xbox 360

No description

Steven Fraser

on 8 December 2014

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Transcript of How To Set Up An Xbox 360

Do Not Set Up Near Water Or Other Liquids
Do Not Turn Xbox While Disk Is Running
Step 2
Plug the Xbox into the television you want to play on. Also plug the Xbox into the speakers (if they are separate) to have sound with your games.
Step 3
To turn on the Xbox, run your finger against the gray circle on the console, no need to press the circle. You can also press the gray circle on the controller.
Step 4
Once you set up an account, before you start playing, chose your account avatar. You can change and customize your avatar to look like want you want.
Step 5
There are some games already installed on the console that you can play. There are also many games you can buy and play alone, or with your friends.
Plug in the Xbox to a close outlet as shown. Make sure the wire will not fall out.
How To Set Up an Xbox 360
Step 1
Step 6
Step 7
To play with your friends, you have to buy Xbox gold, which allows you to play and talk with your friends.
You don’t have to buy 12 month membership. One other example is 3 month which costs less.
These are just a few games you can buy
Keep this plugged in at all times
You will need:
Xbox console and controller(s)
Television that can be used.
Keep this plugged in at all times.
A green ring will appear on the circle you chose to run your finger against, or pressed
12 month membership lasts the longest, but costs the most
After however how long your membership lasts, it will run out and you will have to buy a knew one.
To find your account it will show your avatar that you made and your account name above it
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