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Which Witch is which

Homophones & Homonyms

kirsty pearson

on 17 December 2012

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Transcript of Which Witch is which

What is a Homonym? These are words which have the
same pronunciation but which
are different in both spelling
and meaning What is a Homophone? Which and Witch Examples of a Homophone Let's play a game! 1 Find yourself a partner
2 Gather round the centre table with your partner
3 You will see that there are 2 groups of cards placed face down
4 One group contains all of the homophones, the other group contains a picture matching the homophone
5 Take turns, in your pairs, one of you should turn a card from the first group. Your partner should turn a card from the second group
6 The aim of the game is to find the pairs! The partners with the most card pairs wins!
7 As for everyone else.... pay attention, your turn is coming! Homophone recap What is a Homophone? Homonyms also have the same sound,
but they also have the same spelling.
Only the meaning is different. A review of Homophones & Homonyms Which Witch is which? See and Sea Write & right Examples of a Hymonym Bark Bow Another Game? Everyone will be given a card with a word on.
The aim of the game is to find your homonym partner and tell us why you have chosen that person.
Easy peasy! Let's re-cap! What is a homonym? Have we met our objectives? Everyone needs to give an example of a
Homophone & a Homonym
The rest of the team will judge if it's right or wrong! Thank You!
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