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Orientation Meeting Agenda

Agenda for January 25th

Riley Brazil

on 24 January 2010

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Transcript of Orientation Meeting Agenda

Orientation Meeting Agenda Important Dates Applications are now closed March 6th
Orientation April 4th
Post Trip Celebration Getting Down To Business Orientation
Timeline Room Layout Packet Notes Video or Guest
Speaker? New Doodle March 21-26
HCASB!!! Feburary 20th
Notify Participants 8:00am – Set-up breakfast and orientation room, bring folders and orientation materials to HUB Room 106B and put onto chairs, set-up check-in tables (45min)
8:45am – Check-in/Collect HCASB Fee (15min)
9:00am – Intro, Team Leader Intros, History (15min)
9:15am – General Rural Health (10min)
9:25am – Minority Introduction, Hispanic/Latino (10min)
9:35am – Native American (10min)
9:45am – Cultural Competency (10min)
9:55am – Substance Abuse (10min)
10:05am – Princeton Review (20min)
10:25am – Icebreakers (20min)
10:45am – School Presentation (10min)
10:55am – General Information (Forms, What to Wear, Reflections, Packing, Etiquette, etc.) – Sign consent forms and turn in to steering members (30min)
11:25am – Team Leader Debriefing, Talk about the student bios (15min)
11:40am – Past Experience from Guest Speakers (10min)
11:50am – HCASB picture outside HUB on steps (10min)
12:00pm – LUNCH! get TL’s driver’s licenses copied and alternate driver’s ID and insurance copied (1hr)
1:00pm – Cleanup (30min)
2009 Orientation 1 Hr 50 min 40 min Winter Timeline Monday Jan 25 - Finish Packet Pages Monday Feb 1 - Review Orientation Packet and Finalize Monday Feb 8 - Finish Orientation Packet and Start Printing Monday Feb 15 - Start Practicing Presentations Monday Feb 22 - Pracitce Orientation Presentation Monday March 1 - Finish Orientation Presentations Saturday March 6 - Orientation Next Meeting -Finish Orientation packet editing
-Try out Prezi and decide if we should use it
-Make sure you have completed the Doodle
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