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Holland bpw - lori powers

Lori Powers Intern Presentation for APPA 2015

Holland BPW

on 14 September 2015

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Transcript of Holland bpw - lori powers


Intern Experience

Employee Experience

Lessons Learned
Intern Experience
meaningful work

welcoming atmosphere

socializing events

public speaking experiences
Employee Experience
sharing knowledge

newest technology
Lessons Learned
start early

encourage socialization between interns

no over the top outing
local colleges & professors

career fairs

current/former interns

summer help
Holland BPW - Lori Powers
Creating a Successful Internship Program
Write a Scope of Work
Evaluating Bids
Work with Vendors
Inspect Water and Sewer Terminations
How Meetings are Run
Water Witching

What I Learned?

Incident/Injury Review – 5 Years of Data Analysis
Safety Inspections
Personal Noise Monitoring
PPE Hazard Assessments
Participate on Central Safety Team
Safety Fair
Research into OSHA/MIOSHA Standards
Policy/Procedure Review
Participate in Incident Investigations
Tag Along - Barton Malow Safety Team

What I Did:

Socializing Events
local Chamber of Commerce

HBPW Plant Tours
Contact Information
Lori Powers
Holland Board of Public Works

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