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Tears, Idle Tears

No description

Amy Stuart

on 16 February 2018

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Transcript of Tears, Idle Tears

Victorian Poetry
*sensational and sentimental - dealing with heightened emotions
*theme of religion
*interest in fables/legends/myths
Form and Structure
Identify rhyme scheme and structure.
How is the experience of life described? What elements of it are sorrowful/regretful and which uplifting?
What are the references to time and the passing of time?
Poetic Devices
Find some of the following:
Beauty and Power
How is life beautiful in this poem? How is it not?
Tears, Idle Tears
Victorian Literature
What can you remember about Victorian literature?
How might the rhyme scheme and structure relate to the poem's content?
How do life and death exist together?
Why might the poet have linked these two issues? Think about context.
How is life described as fleeting?
repetition at the end of the line
medicine: excessive watering of the eye
Why might the reader feel powerless from reading this poem? How is life described as something you can't control?
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