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Haile Middle School Engineering Stephen H

No description

Stephen H

on 5 June 2013

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Transcript of Haile Middle School Engineering Stephen H

C O2 dragster penut butter and jelly
samwitch 1. gather all the following materials bread of
any kind 'penut butter ' a butter knife 'and jelly .
2.Take one piece of bread and and pick up the butter knife.Then spread the jelly on the samwitch. 3.Tahe the other slice of bread and spread the penut butter on the bread.4.Take the bread slice with penut butter and the slice with the jelly and put them together.Now your samwitch is complete. this is my wheel CTE CTE has effected me by giving me a technology education CTE Career Technichial Education We created a dragster in solid works and milling it out .After that will will race our dragsters before revolve boss base Crituque
1. i liked how they showed there exam
parts of liscesce parts as a whole section
of parts 2. I also liked how they showed there
hardest parts of the project of a project then
showed how the project looked like when it was
done.3.what i didnt like was how they described
what the class was like instead of what we did . job center fire science
.A.)fire science is being a fire fighter saving many lives and trying to save houses and money . others run away from the fire while these guys go head first into them..B.) theres not much education nedded they have to have a high school diplomia. but if they take lessons on fire fighting they have an amazing chance of getting the job.C.)theres not many jobs expected to be left but if you live near a big city chances are in creased. CTE ENCOUNTERS One day I went to the county fair.
They had light all over I saw cops and electritian .the cops where there to keep people protected . The eletritians where there to help set up the lights. body after revolved boss base and
then some CNC milling Using state of the art computer software the cnc milling machine can engrave complicated shapes. we will be using the CNC milling machine to mill out our co2 dragsters. NASA NASA used wind tunnels to test for new designs. by watching how the wind went by and how to make designs better. and the way would roll off there created design. this is the eye screw it was probably the hardest part this is the front axel this is the rear wheel this is a spacer also an easy part sign we created a sign in solid works job resume this is the co2 cartrage that is my sign from solid works How robots help every day
work force . Robots help our work force by having things made more efficiently and faster than by hand take cars for example it would be eaiser to use a machine instead of human labor this is also how machines can help the cops and the fire department and the
medical section. research Gusset plates are a thick sheet of metal that connect 2 structure beams together
load and bridges bridges are meant to get you from point A to point B but the terrain cant just be traveled regularly so a bridge gets put there for instance a bridge would be placed across a sea . For bridges to get you across there they need to carry loads such as many many tons of cars crossing at once without your bridge getting worn down and breaking. Tension Bridges under go tension all the time for example when cars go by the cars way some thing witch gives the bridge compression. When the bridge has compression from the car going by the under part of the bridge has tension.
truss supports the end of a span a span is the section between 2 intermediate supports
An abundment is a holder at he end of a bridge Design process The first attempt humanoid The humaniod robot was very interesting
because it was the most difficult project ive seen .I never knew you could do what they did in solid works assembly Try engineering aerospace
engineering. aerospace engineering can be very difficult considering
all the weight that has to make it to space. The engineers often spent a long time on what they make to get perfect.
With these engineers they never stop improving they have to keep getting there technology better and better to improve on anything. The engineers also help other fields with there aerodynamic designs and fuel efficiency.
The type of engineering takes alot of brain power . You need to know math science and pre algebra. The scientist that are in aerospace have to make rockets to withstand pressure . But the hardest part is getting it to go where it needs to go. design squad The team could of used solid works to desighn the ramps and see if they could withstand the weight of the skaters . They also could of used solid works for the wave to get the right dimesions and size of the wave. They might of been able to use the laser engraver for the wave with wooden part . The best thing they could of used with the laser engraver in the grind box so they can make easier out side to it.
Solid Works could of helped testing the weight the pyrimid can hold. Our robot is coming along well we are going to be done at the due date . I helped build the chasis along with the 2 back wheels . The design sqaud really needed solid works for the wave to make no mistake and to building it . The wave could of also been made in corel draw to cut the tricky parts. If the design sqaud had a progrm like solid works or corel draw the project would of been mor efficient and could of turnt ot better and had more. X,Z,Y Axis The X ,Y ,Z Axis are used in solid works
all the time so it would be vital to know
them . The Y axis is vertical and the
X axis is horizontal the Z axis is used to
measure the depth of an object . the Y Axis measures the height of the objective.
. The x axis measures the width. And the Z axis is measuring the depth of a 3d object. The z axis is used in solid works. While the x and y axis are used in math. in solid works its important to know all of the axis. 2.5 gallons of water The weight of 2.5 gallons of water is 20.8 pounds. This related to structural efficiency by using that weight instead of units . It can also be useful for measuring how much weight is in a cars gas tank. It might work best with measuring the weight of water when they shift water through the pipes . If the water is to heavy it might not travel through the pipes well. how much a water tower can hold THE AVRAGE WEIGHT A WATER TOWER CAN HOLD IS 12500000 prezi post for 10/19 our project can be related to value because we have to have desirability. Desirability helps getting your design or project published. It can help influence other designs from other people .Capability involves being able to do something.so if you make something you have to be able to do . For example when we created our drawing for the robot we had to be able to make it. To have the capacity to operate and keep a sustand work space .MY job on the robot was to make the power point . I also help with robot when something needs help like to get a small job done. I was wondering what other people use this vex equipment for. Prezi post 10/26 Since wooden bats are much heavier and are less durable then aluminum bats. Which are also have thinner material. Which flexes when it is impacted by a great force such as a baseball. It creates a trampoline effect which makes it flex inward and then out. Which makes the ball move faster prezi post for 10/29/12 So far i drawn and created the warren truss bridge design. So far it is the easiest bridge to create and draw. I might be able to include the warren truss in another bridge design P U M P K I N from steel 1) How many tools did you see when you watched the video? when we watched the video I counted 15 measuring tools in the video
2) And if i was offered a job there for SolidWorks I would design the frame of the bike. This would help because I could test how much weight it held.
I could also help with the milling to save more time and work faster. wind tunnel....... Since the forces that act on an object in flight is the same than if its not moving then we can just test a prototype in a wind tunnel to test the cambak. A wind tunnel works like gas going through a tube. It looks like mist going through on your prototype. Once you test it you can see where air is not going through smoothly. This helps with how you want a wing to look on a plane.
This invention helped to see if spoliers on cars actually served a purpose in driving.They tested this in a wind tunnel which they then found out the wind runs off the spolier. This is the design me and Matt St. John are building for TSA. we will double laminate the bridge and add a top and bottom to the bridge. the warren
truss held 7,644
grams it was the strongest bridge in the 3 that I tested. I will include the warren truss beams in my next bridge I build. Bridge reasearch The warren truss was used a long time ago. If we double laminate the structure it should hold more weight than the traditional design. it dosent matter what design you do only as long as its build the bridge with more care and time into it. There are 4 types of spans.A simple span a continuous span a cantalever spans and a suspended cantaliver span. the spans we use are continuos. Prezi post for 11/30 monster
1) Find the highest and lowest prices. The lowest price was $35 - $45 a year and the highest price a year was $200,000 at enterprise account manager.The job was to make helpful products for offices. PREZI POST 11/30/12 work After I finished science fair I figured out the Warren truss
held the most weight. It held 7,600 grams. With that information we decided to do the Subdivided Warren truss
so far I drew the bridge and cut out the basic parts in the bridge. prezi post for 12/14 CNC manufacturing is a machine that cuts out designed objects to be used in the real world we can cut out dragsters and use them in TSA. This benefits the work force because it helps factories build objects for there machines it also helps developers build other products like jet skis cars boats chairs and possibly even sign. The CNC milling machine can be used for many things to help our work force. using CNC milling saves the workforce money and time. TIME LINE goal for this quarter to get better in Solid Works
objective for this quarter pass the solid works exam goals project 1 This is a Warren truss bridge that will be going to districts. This bridge will also be finished before districts begins so that it will be able to compete ADVANCED TECH schedule for end of year project quiz In TSA I have been working on structure design so i could grow in knowledge on how to make a better bridge that will hold more than the average amount. Some of the reason why the bridge broke was because it was resting on the glue rather than the balsa wood itself. If me and my partner put 100% focus in both sides on the bridge then we might be able to beat our goal of more than 70 pounds. The truss im working on is the camelback pratt truss. So far its not that hard building and it looks like we have enough wood to make the bridge double laminated. may 20side of box done and top done
may 30 start to work on the lab
end of the quarter have the box assembled Drawing in Coreldraw
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