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Bartlett Mitchell [Shared]

No description

Ali Alatas

on 15 April 2016

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Transcript of Bartlett Mitchell [Shared]

Our recipe for success
Fundamentally Food
Make a positive difference to our
customers' day
To build and sustain long term relationships
through delicious food and great service with an
inspirational creative edge.
Our mission
bsessive about
our people
pen and honest
edicated to
our customers
upport you
can trust
nnovative in
all we do
We love food. Every ingredient we use is the best we can afford. Seasons rule our kitchen. We cook as if we are cooking for ourselves. Our role as chefs is extracting flavour. Seasoning is a true skill, so we taste, taste and taste again.
Being straightforward and doing what we say demonstrates that we have integrity, and an ethical, honest approach to business.
Our success comes from our people. To attract and keep the right people, we recognise, reward and develop them. We’re friendly and approachable. Our teams feel special because they know we care about them.
Being dedicated means delivering what we promise. Great customer care involves getting to know our customers so well that we can anticipate their needs and exceed their expectations.
Being innovative means using our imagination. We challenge the norm and create new, original ideas that improve what we have.
Being entrepreneurial means using our own initiative and time to take calculated risks to improve what we are doing. We make things happen. We value fresh ideas. We are adventurous but never reckless. Clients will judge our success on results.
Trust is something we have to earn. We earn it by being personable, building close relationships with our clients, team members and customers. Our knowledge and experience means we speak with intelligence and authority. We are thorough in our approach. As a result, our customers have confidence in us.
(what people say about us when
we are not in the room)
Our personality
Fun, Warm, Approachable, Down to earth,
Doer, Enthusiastic, Energetic, Individual, Flexible,
Agile, Imaginative, Ethical
to our clients

How bartlett mitchell
makes me feel as a

We use our food sector
experience and knowledge to
anticipate & exceed customer
We do what we say
We drive sustainability
standards higher by
involving our teams
customers and suppliers
By being a 'best
company to work for',
our clients have
confidence in
our teams
Clients trust our
robust systems and
We use our
imagination and
experience to create
exciting food and
service ideas
BM give me the strength
of big company support with
small company commitment
BM act like an extension of my team & treat my budget as if it was their own
BM provide excellent ROI to me and give great VFM to our customers
The quality of our
restaurant and catering
experiences helps us be
an employer of choice
BM's hospitality
enhances our brand &
client experience
BM's integrity
provides me with
peace of mind that
the job will be done
well, every time
BM help me achieve my
goals, reflecting well on
me & the department
BM constantly come to
me with new ideas that
improve what we do
Our vital ingredients
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