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Kole Smrecansky

No description

Mrs Feeney

on 10 May 2010

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Transcript of Kole Smrecansky

Stock Market Project By: Kole Smrecasnky Period 5 . McDonalds DELL In McDonalds the profit and
loss was mostly constant. In DELL the profit and loss was
going up and down throughout
the time period. I picked McDonalds Because
it looked like it was a good
Investment and also i thought
that they made a lot of money. I picked DELL because I
thought that they have a
great investment and i thought
that they make a lot of money. In 1983 the DELL company
was started by Michael Dell In 1940 the McDonalds Company
was startedby Dick and Mac McDonald The McDonalds Company makes
$59,178,080 every day. In McDonalds Over 500,000
people work there. McDonalds opens a new Restraunt
every 4 hours More than 10,000 Employees The DELL company makes about 15 million dollars a year. DELL is the prefered desktop and laptop of enterprises
in the United States and Europe. Nearly 2 billion interactions with their
customers every year. The stock symbol for Mcdonalds is MCD. The Stock Market symobl for DELL is DELL. What I liked about this project is that
we got to use this website and got to
move stuff around by using the spinning
tool. i also liked it because it was fun in finding the investments. what i would change is that i would change how we would ccheck our stocks more and that we can have more time. What i think about investing is that
it is kind of easy because all you pretty
much have to do is put your stocks.
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