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Understanding how quality is measured in sports development

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on 23 May 2014

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Transcript of Understanding how quality is measured in sports development

Understanding how quality is measured in sports development
Independent learning session

Why measure quality?
Measure Performance
Allows the sport providers to see their current performance levels and improvements in order to achieve high standards.
Continuous Improvemen
Measuring performance frequently allows any improvements made to also be measured. Even small improvements should be measured and rewarded.

Gives providers something to aim for, allowing them to see where they stand compared to all other providers. Also gives them something to refer to for their own improvement.
Standards may include level of child protection offered, level of coaching or resources required.
Internal or self assessment
It is possible to use internal or "in house" internal audits or inspections in the quality measurement of sports development providers.

This can then be used as self assessment evidence in previously mentioned schemes such as quest.
External Audits
External audits take place independent outsiders. these independent outsiders perform inspections which help to ensure objectivity and consistency in assessments.

Quest, Investors in people, Charter Mark and Club mark are all based on external audits.

Swim 21 is a good example of a planning and quality management system designed to be followed by swimming clubs - www.britishswimming.org
Methods of measuring quality
These provide national standards and targets from which sports development providers can compare their performance and delivery against similar organisations or against nationally set standards.

A quality system or scheme is a method of management and evaluation and encourages the process of assessment.
Quality systems and schemes
Use the websites below for more information on some of these schemes, including

Quest www.quest-uk.org
Investors in people www.investors in people.co.uk
Charter mark www.chartermark.gov.uk
Customer service excellence www.customerserviceexcellence.uk.com
Club mark www.clubmark.org.uk

Advantages and Disadvantage of these Methods
The purpose of these methods have already been highlighted previously as
To measure improvement
Continuous improvement
Sports development providers can compare themselves with other quality providers to aid improvement
Accessing Funds

A provider that holds a particular Quality Award for achieving certain standards is more likely to gain funding as it is more reputable to use the funding well.
Quality Delivery
Quality system delivery should include vigorous criteria which ensures benefit to participants, the organisations, staff and any other partners or stake holders.

A provider that holds a quality award is more likely to achieve good press therefore more likely to be used by the public. This is called a virtuous spiral.
What are the advantages and disadvantages of these quality methods?
Disadvantages may arise from factors such as.......
staff moral due to increased expectations and workloads without the increased pay,
Difficulty in being flexible and creative with sports development when officers are trying to follow a scheme

The 3 main disadvantages are
(Cost of putting computer software and a system in place along with new resources)
(It takes time to train staff, plan and implement systems and resolve operating problems)
(This may create another hurdle as it is difficult to find expertise where there was none previously, such as customer or disability care)
How would you overcome some of these barriers or disdvantages?
Complete the independent learning answer sheet from the VLE and then upload via the "independent learning answer sheet" upload area.

Task 3 and 4 will be carried out at allotted time slots which can also be found on the VLE.
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