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Kidz MusiQ Club

Jazzing Up Learning! An Approach to Music Education Through Jazz for Children

Renee Collins Georges

on 11 April 2014

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Transcript of Kidz MusiQ Club

The Calendar Song
Junk Food Blues
Spanish Numbers Song
Fun On Y0ur Day Off
You Can Do It!
Choo-Choo, Cha-Cha
The ABC Song (I Wish)
Using Jazz music to help kids learn
Visit us at KidzMusiQClub.com
What we hope to accomplish
Inspiration for the project
What is Jazzing up learning?
The songs:
"Like us" on Facebook
Mission Statement
I am a storyteller
Storytelling Through Music
I use...
But, I don't just use books to tell stories
Some adjectives to describe
happy | sad | loud | bad | good |
fast | slow | dark | moody | cool |
soothing | quiet | irritating |

Use instruments (or the voice) to convey a message or a feeling.

Music Storytellers use the following Learning styles
to teach and tell stories:
Visual (eyes - show me)
Auditory (ears - to listen)
and Kinesthetic (touching, feeling with our hands)
Music Storytelling: How it works
Music is all around us!
What is music?
"Music is different things to different people."

But, it starts with sound.
Sound is what we hear.
We make sound in many ways.

Can you name some ways that
we make sound?
Sound is created by a

- Energy -
(waves or vibrations)
are amplified
(to make louder or increase in strength)
through our ears
and understood
by our brains
as sound.
I use music
to help kids learn!
Kidz +
Music enables us to express what we are experiencing.
It makes us FEEL
It evokes
Music connects us to each other through a "shared experience" - our emotions.
Music transforms us! It connects us as a global community.
What types of everyday sounds (noises that you hear), can you describe?
music +
education =
What is music made of?
What are its basic elements?
It drives the music forward-
like gasoline in a car
a string of notes
example: train cars -
pulling them together
tones, notes
the use of pitches,
highs and lows or chords
(two or more notes)
We use all three of these elements to communicate and tell stories through music.
It's your turn to teach!
Time to tell a story
through music.

The Music Challenge!
The ABC Song (I Wish)
(First Verse)
Looking back on when I
didn't know my letters A to Z.

And my only worry
was if and when I'd get to play the Wii.

Then I met my teacher
on the first day of school.
And I met some new friends,
but what was really cool!

I learned about the weather
To wait my turn
And how to get along.

I learned that you can do it!
I even learned to sing
this funky song!

All in all a good day,
but so much more to do.
And I learned my letters,
so I'm teaching them to you.

Just start with
A - B - C add a D
E - F - G
H - I - J - K
L - M - N - O -P

Q - R - S
T - U
Next comes the V
W - X - Y (eye) and Z
I love this song!

Do-do / do-do / do-do
Do-do / do-do

(Second Verse)
26 letters
make up the team
we call the Alphabet.

And before we finish
you'll know them all by hard.
You won't forget!

Don't forget the vowels
A -E - I - O and U
Once you learn to use them,
there's nothing you can't do!

"To introduce kids to acoustic music and movement and to further an appreciation of the American genre known as jazz."
In this activity, you will each practice storytelling through music using the lyrical adaptation by Renée Collins Georges
of Kidz MusiQ Club, based on the popular 1970's, R&B song "I Wish" by Stevie Wonder. Here we go!

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