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The Mayan Civilization

This is my presentation for Mrs. Hendrix 5th grade.

Ethan Operach

on 7 December 2012

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Transcript of The Mayan Civilization

The Mayan Civilization! By: Ethan Operach 5K
Thanks to Sauravi for Helping me present! Why did I pick this topic? I picked this topic because in spanish class we learned that the Mayans lived in Guatemala. This interested me so I wanted to learn more. Who are the Mayans? The Mayans are a group (Verrrrrrrrrrrrry big group) of people like Native Americans who made a very successful civilization. Some people consider this one of the most successful civilizations in the world. Religion The Mayans worshiped many gods. Mostly nature gods, like the sun god, rain god, and the god of corn. Here is a listing of the main gods: Bibliography Website: Religion Facts, www.religionfacts.com
Website: eHow www.ehow.com
Picture: Google Images, www.google.com
Picture and Website: Mundo Maya Online,
Website: Think Quest, library.thinkquest.org
Website: Mayan Culture, www.mayanculture.com
Website: Kids Newsroom, www.kidsnewsroom.org
Website: Mayas for Kids, mayas.mrdonn.org Ah Puch: God of death
Chac: God of agriculture, rain, and lightning
Kinich Ahau: Sun god
Kukulcan: (MOST CONFUSING GOD EVER!) Hero-god associated with rain and the four elements, the colors yellow, red, black, and white represents good and evil (I don't get it either), and when worshiping this god human sacrifice is required!
Last but definitely not least.... Yum Kaax god of Maize (Corn)! he was one of the most important gods because corn was their main food. Mesoamerica They lived in Mesoamerica, this consisted of these five countries: Mexico
El Salvador
Honduras Mayan Temples Mayan Temples are just like regular temples... except for that pesky human sacrifice deal... Well this is a mayan temple. As you can see it has stairs that lead up to the actual chambers where the rituals, sacrifices, prayers etc. took place. Don't worry though the only main god that requires human sacrifice is Kukulcan.... Mayan House This is a traditional house that a mayan would live in. It has no windows and is made out of clay and grass. Because of this no natural examples exist. It had a small cubicle kitchen inside. Food The Mayans were mostly farmers. They grew mostly corn (they made a god for it too :D). They also grew beans, squash, avacados etc. They used a technique called milpa also known as slash and burn. They cut down and burnt foliage to plant again. They also raised livestock like turkeys and duck. Like the Native Americans they used every part of the animal. Transportation The Mayans were believed to have a system of roads that ran across their civilization. We do not know for sure, though, because the paths are covered with overgrowth and trees. (If there even are paths!) Thanks for watching! (And listening!) Thanks a lot! Hope you enjoyed! Clothing Mayan clothing usually tells which village the person comes from. Because of this everyone in a village usually wears the same kind and design of clothes. Mayan women wear something called a huipil, a huipil is like a blouse. It is a rectangle or square of cloth with a hole in the center. It is usually embroidered around the neck with a cross. For political and economical reasons the clothes of men has changed over the centuries. Men clothes have become more modern with regular shirts in the village design. Single men usually wear brighter colors than married men. This is a huipil and a sun hat! Aliens FTW The Rulers The Mayan civilization was a hierarchy. A hierarchy is when a country, continent, settlement etc. is ruled by a king who dictates the laws. It was kind of like Great Britain. They both had kings and british noblemen were like the priests of Maya (except less tied in to the religion). Many people actually think that this hierarchy caused the fall of Maya: The Mayans got tired of being told what to do (like the colonists) and just got up and left the cities and villages. Also the priests served as mayors because each one individually ruled a city. D E T O U R The Law The Mayan laws were pretty fair. They had a trial and if you were found guilty then they got the appropriate punishment. However the punishments did vary. If you stole from someone and you were found guilty then you'd become the victim's property. If it was a lesser crime (like an equivalent to a felony today) your hair would be cut short. Short hair was a sign of disgrace. It is also possible that all your stuff could be auctioned. To find if you were guilty or not people would present evidence and a judge would decide the overall ruling. (It was kind of like what happens today except for the punishments). (Couldn't find any books on Maya in the library :D) Education At first only high level people (like priests) were taught. They were taught by elders who have learned many things over there many years. Then family's started to teach there children and so on. Nobody knows how a parent got educated in the first place but I personally think that some people had some priest friends that taught them some things. So then the whole population of Maya was somewhat educated.
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