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The animals in that country

No description

iliana fraser

on 9 January 2014

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Transcript of The animals in that country

The animals in that country
Margaret Atwood
Presentation by:
Iliana Fraser

design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
The animals in that country
In that country the animals
have the faces of people:

the ceremonial
cats possessing the streets

the fox run
politely to earth, the huntsmen
standing around him, fixed
in their tapestry of manners

the bull, embroidered
with blood and given
an elegant death, trumpets, his name
stamped on him, heraldic brand

(when he rolled
on the sand, sword in his heart, the teeth
in his blue mouth were human)

he is really a man

even the wolves, holding resonant
conversations in their
forests thickened with legend.

In this country the animals
have the faces of

Their eyes
flash once in car headlights
and are gone.

Their deaths are not elegant.

They have the faces of

Overview of Poem
The poem is about stepping into the lives of animals and recognizing their importance.
The speaker is unknown to the reader. I know this because the narrators voice doesn't sound like the readers subconscious and its not a direct conversation.
The point of view of the speaker is 3rd limited because they know the history of the animals and whats happening but they don't know the thoughts of the animals.
There is no rhyme scheme in my poem
The poem's form has 11 stanzas. In some stanzas there is only one sentence. The last 4 stanzas are indented because the author wants that section to grab the readers attention
The poem's lines tend to be short and sweet. The poet does this because she is trying to hold your attention with short bursts of information.
Poetic Analysis
Imagery: The imagery in this poem is mainly violent imagery as well as the animal imagery. Examples of imagery are "the bull, embroidered with blood" and "In this country the animals have the faces of animals."
Five poetic devices: The five poetic devices are Metaphor, Personification, Repetition, Irony, and Alliteration. Alliteration and Metaphor are shown when she says "the bull, embroidered with blood and given an elegant death,..." (4,9-11). Personification is shown when the author writes "animals have the faces of people:..." (3,5-6). Repetition is shown when she repeats "In that country the animals have the faces of..." (1,1-2 & 8,21-23). Irony is shown when the author makes a big deal about the animals but in the end they aren't that big of a deal.
Title: The poems title fits with the entire poem because in the poem she is explaining her title and what it means.
Poetic Analysis
Tone: The tone of the poem is encouraging, serious, descriptive, respectful but ends bitter and upset. The tone is shown when the author writes "elegant death" (4,11) or "wolves" (7,18)
Theme: The theme of the poem is that people don't put importance on animals as they should.
Art and Song
I chose this image because it is a picture of an animal protection program that focuses on calling attention to abused animals.
I chose the song "Arms of an Angel" by Sarah McLaughlin. I chose this song because its used in the commercial for animal abuse and the commercial's goal is to get u to pay attention to these animals and help them. That is almost exactly the same thing that the author is trying to do with this poem.
The End
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