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The SEGA School SCH Scholarship Fund

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Frankie Reitmeyer

on 23 May 2016

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Transcript of The SEGA School SCH Scholarship Fund

What Needs to be Done
In total it is $10,000 to send a girl to the SEGA school for four years
This includes boarding and luxuries that some of the other girls don't have the privilege of having

We need to raise about $5,000 more by June of next year and $1,800 by this June

We have a lot of ideas to further raise money
What has been Done
In the past we have done multiple fundraisers
Donation jars
Burger brawl
Face Paint
Emi-Jay hair ties
Flower sale
gift wrapping
What we are planning on doing
Lower School Movie Night
Parents drop off kids for a "date night"
Serve pizza and a movie for Pre-K to 5th graders
May 30th
8th Graders Projects
Ideas include: carnival, bake sales, ect.
What we need your help to do
Presenting sponsor
Name on all of our promotional materials
Possible continued partnership
What is SEGA?
The SEGA school is a school for girls in Tanzania that works to create pathways out of poverty for Tanzanian girls through education.

The education of girls is not a high priority for most Tanzanian families, so when there is only enough money to send one child in a family to school, the family is likely to send the boy. The SEGA school works to fix this issue and educate young women.
Just talk about Kisua a little and what we do for her

Goal: To become a teacher
Venture Incubator through SCH
We joined in order to have a mentor who could help us reach our goal and push us further
We have learned so much through this program
SWOT analysis
All of the work that goes into these things
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