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Slang & Text Talk Dictionary

Etymology Semester 1 2012-13

Audinne Bernales

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of Slang & Text Talk Dictionary

Audinne Bernales
B7 Slang & Text Talk Dictionary verb /l ō l/
1. laugh out loud; laughing out loud
2. to find something incredibly funny
Her hilarious joke made me lol. LOL verb; preposition; article; noun; verb /r ō f l/
1. rolling on the floor laughing
2. to find something so funny that it causes one to fall of one's chair due to laughter
It did not matter if his jokes were not funny since his friend always said he was rofl. ROFL BRB verb /b r b/
1. acronym for be right back
2. to return to something in the near future
When her friend left the converstation, she said she would brb. verb
1. the act of not having a proper response due to anger or frustration, thus resulting in smashing one's keyboard
2. there is no set pronunciation because random letters are pressed during the act
When my friend asked me what my response was to the season finale was, all I did was keyboard smash. KEYBOARD SMASHING adjective /lē-jĭt/
1. shortened version of legitimate
2. something that is honest and cool
The multiple Emmy nominated show, Sherlock, is definitely legit. LEGIT FANDOM noun; verb (to fangirl/fanboy)
1. a person who is a fan of a television show, book, movie, or band
2. an individual who is part of a fandom
3. to become overly excited over something, usually pertaining to something fictional
My friend fangirled over her Rush concert tickets. FANGIRL/ FANBOY adjective /bŏs/
1. something that is cool or awesome
The gag reels on the Supernatural DVDs are boss. BOSS noun
1. a group of individuals who are fans of a certain television show, book, movie, or band.
All of my friends belong to the Harry Potter fandom since they are all fans of the book. interjection; pronoun; noun /ō m jē/
1. initialism of oh my goodness or oh my gosh
2. often used to express certain emotions
OMG, my phone broke after I dropped it. OMG verb /lä-wl/
1. variation of LOL (laugh out loud)
2. to believe something is really funny
Some stock photos make me lawl. LAWL noun /fē-ls/
1. an abundant amount of feelings, usually pertaining to something sad
2. it is often used by fangirls or fanboys when reminded of a particularly heart-wrenching moment in a piece of fiction
The Doctor Who episode "Doomsday" gave my friends and me a lot of feels. FEELS adverb /lāt-r/
1. abbreviation for later
2. a period of time occurring after the current event
They will see their friends l8r. L8R NERDFIGHTER noun /nûrd fītûr/
1. a person who fights for the bettering of society by decreasing world suck
2. the name of the awesome fans of the Vlogbrothers John and Hank Green. It is a reference to an arcade game that John Green found of the same name.
The Nerdfighters helped fund small businesses through donations. verb; adj; verb; verb; adj /d f t b ā/
1. an initialism representing the phrase "don't forget to be awesome" popularized by the Green brothers and the Nerdfighters
As a reminder to remain awesome, the parting remark in many Vlogbrothers' videos was DFTBA. DFTBA adjective; noun /ô-sŏm sôs/
1. something that is cool or awesome
Their new laptop is awesome sauce AWESOME SAUCE adjective; noun /kûl bēns/
1. something that is awesome
The concert that my friends went to was really cool beans. COOL BEANS noun /hō-v-ăn/
1. an avid fan of the long-running television show Doctor Who on BBC
2. the term was first popularized by the Doctor Who Fan Club of America in the 1980s after the Whovian Times newsletter was published
The Whovian was extremely excited for the seventh series of Doctor Who. WHOVIAN verb /sô-nĭk/
1. the act of using a Sonic Screwdriver, a device from the television show Doctor Who
2. fun fact: different regenerations of the Doctor on the series have different Sonic Screwdrivers
The Doctor was not able to sonic the door because the Sonic Screwdriver is useless on wood. SONIC adjective /răd/
1. shortened version of radical
2. something that is really cool, nice, or awesome
Her friends thought that it was really rad for her to bring them cookies. RAD adjective /krā/
1. slang of crazy
2. something that is insane
3. the word is most often repeated when said, but does not have to be
Her difficult schedule is really cray. CRAY adjective
1. very cool or awesome
Her new, expensive car was really fly. FLY adjective /chĭl/
1. something that is cool, but not obnoxious in its coolness
2. to be okay with something
The nerd's parents were chill with her going to Comic Con. CHILL verb /tr-ōl-ng/
1. the act of misleading someone on purpose
Youtube commenters are often trolling when posting offensive comments. TROLLING interjection; preposition; adverb /t t f n/
1. initialism for ta-ta for now
2. a phrase used when departing
Before she left, the teenager texted ttfn. TTFN verb /gēk-ĭng out/
1. to freak out over things pertaining to the nerd or geek culture
J. K. Rowling fans were geeking out when they found out about her new book. GEEKING OUT pronoun; verb; adverb; verb /ī d kā/
1. initialism representing I don't know
When asked how to do a problem on their homework, the teenager replied, "Idk..." IDK noun /krās/
1. tears shed over something very emotional
2. also a term popular among nerds to describe their sadness over certain events or characters
My friend's creys were abundant when she rewatched Forrest Gump. CREYS SUPERMEGAFOXYAWESOMEHOT adjective /sū-pĕr-mĕ-gă-fŏk-ē-ô-sŏm-hŏt/
1. something that is incredibly appealing or attractive
2. the adjective was coined in a fan-made, Harry Potter musical called A Very Potter Musical
Many teenage girls think certain boy band members are supermegafoxyawesomehot; however, I tend to disagree. FOREVER ALONE n00b noun /nûb/
1. a newbie
2. a person who lacks experience in a subject or is unintelligent
3. it is often used in multiple player video games or any comment area on the internet
The gaming n00b died in the first level multiple times. H8 verb; noun /hāt/
1. abbreviation of hate
2. to strongly dislike or appose something
The angry teenager texted her friend, "I h8 you!!" after she received unpleasant news. BTW preposition; article; noun /b t w/
1. initialism for by the way
2. a way to express additional information that may not be relevant to a current conversation
"Btw," the teenage girl said, "I got a new camera." NGL adjective; verb; verb /n g l/
1. not gonna lie
2. to not speak falsely
Ngl, I get annoyed when my computer is slow. noun; adjective /fôr-ĕv-ĕr ä-lō-n/
1. the belief that one will remain single for the rest of their life; however, the person has friends (which may include ones from different species)
After numerous, short-lived relationships, she believed that she was forever alone. GR9 adjective /gr-nīn/
1. something that it better than great
2. it steams off of the slang version of great, gr8, but substitutes the eight with a nine to represent that it is greater
3. it is normally not spoken, because it is kind of difficult to pronounce
The festival that lasted an entire day with a lot of the bands I like is gr9. 5EVER adverb /fīv-ĕvĕr/
1. lasting longer than an eternity, though not literally
The teenagers thought their relationship could last 5ever. IDEK pronoun; verb; adverb; adverb; verb /ī d ē kā/
1. I don't even know
2. to not know or get something
3. similar to Idk, but with more emphasis on the person not knowing something
"Idek," said his friend, "you should ask someone else." TBH preposition; verb; verb /t bē h/
1. to be honest
2. to express the truth
Tbh, my friends and I are a bunch of Nerdfighters and Whovians. VLOG noun/ verb /vlôg/
1. a video blog
2. to create a video blog, usually about one's life
3. vlogging was popularized by the site Youtube
A lot of people vlog about their life or their interests on Youtube. JK adverb; verb /jā kā/
1. acronym of just kidding
2. to call a previous statement false
I hate Harry Potter, jk, it's rolling. LIKE interjection /līk/
1. a word used to break up parts of a sentence
2. it is often abused by teenagers
She, like, wanted to go to the movies on Saturday, like, with her friends. MUGGLE noun /mûg-l/
1. a person who does not possess magical abilities
2. it originates from the Harry Potter series by J. K. Rowling
The Muggles tried to cast spells with their fake wands.
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