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exercise referral process


tom moody

on 5 February 2014

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Transcript of exercise referral process

Assessment criteria P2
The Exercise Referral Process
what happens during this stage??
Initial Screening
At this stage Referral Professionals check
a potential client through their medical files &
a series of assessments to see if they meet their
particular referral criteria
Task- you have 2 minutes to list as many
referral professionals & conditions you
can think of, GO!!!
Who are referral professionals & what
are referral conditions??
sports therapists
Referral professionals inc:
mental illness
mobility issues
Referral Conditions inc:
An Exercise Prescription is chosen, but how??
What happens Next??
Task- Think what else is very important to take into consideration??
An exercise prescription is decided usually
after some baseline testing and an
International Physical Activity Questionnaire
(IPAQ) to discover current physical activity levels
What are contraindications ??
Recommendations & guidelines given by
the referral professional based on the clients
contraindications also need to be considered
Contraindications are the potential health
conditions the client may have e.g High blood pressure

Absolute contraindications are activities the client is
not advised to do due to their condition e.g high
intensity exercise
What happens after the exercise
Now what??
Client undertakes the exercise prescription
over a series of sessions or weeks which varies
from area to area supervised by exercise consultants or
During & after the exercise prescription it
is important to check the progress of the client to see
if the exercise prescription has been beneficial & if they are keeping it up
Task- What methods do you think can be used
to encourage continuation of exercise??
follow up free session to show & develop a new program to use independently
cheaper membership costs for local gyms etc
details & contacts for local activities/clubs they may be interested in
Ideas used by different providers inc:
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