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Heart Rate Variability - the new tool for monitoring training effectiveness

Update Feb 2013

Simon Wegerif

on 10 October 2013

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Transcript of Heart Rate Variability - the new tool for monitoring training effectiveness

Workout sessions
+ Recovery
How much recovery?
Resting heart rate?
Sore legs / body?
autonomic (involuntary)
nervous system
+ sympathetic
'fight or flight'
- parasympathetic
'rest & recovery'
Heart Rate Variability
breathe IN
HR +
breathe OUT
HR -
measure every
heartbeat timing
perform HRV
= HRV number
More is
intense sessions &
competition cause drop
effective recovery
causes rise
increases in
aerobic fitness
cause rise

Heart Rate Variability
the new fatigue & recovery tool

Daily Change indicator
gives training traffic light
Any questions ?
plot combined chart
with training load (TL)
Simon Wegerif
Effect of exercise intensity & duration on HRV recovery
Internal training load
= intensity x duration ?

-> More training load
= more recovery?


Budgett 1998
How competition affects HRV
Hautala 1991
Zulfiqar 2010 300 individuals
Chalencon 2012 elite swimmers
Practical tips
Take HRV readings at same time every day
circadian variations due to hormones
can be at training centre with Buchheit protocol
Measure sitting or standing (if really fit)
HRV saturates lying down
Relax - mental stress & anxiety affect HRV
Resist temptation to do multiple readings & average
HRV does vary (CV 12%) but the ithlete rolling average baseline and SD take care of this
Baseline differences between athletes are much less significant than daily & periodic changes relative to baseline.
Seiler, 2007
Chalencon, swimmers 2012
Recovery - effect of Cold Water Immersion
Buchheit 2009
HRV Soccer case study Gattás Bara-Filho
Motriz Brazil 2013
HRV normal ranges vs age (mean ±2 SD)
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