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No description

sha eppley

on 19 March 2013

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Transcript of GrOw2

Drive Growth Responsibilities Responsibilities Overnight Oximetry (ONO) driven growth History: COPD Care, RT Meds samples resulted in "no growth" world GrOw2 Customer Service Logistics Oxygen = Growth In need of a new growth, we are moving to a "Tried
and True" method of growing Oxygen
Responsibilities Clinical Root History Contact patients immediately upon received ONO order Schedule the delivery with Same Day when possible or Next Day (within 24 hours) max ACIS work order type "A" for both delivery and pick up; ONOPU labor line for retrieval Ready status for next day and ONONPU workorders so they are routed through Roadnet transmit to MobileCast (same day) Notify Clinical of order to prep ONO and forward to Delivery for next day deliveries Timely Delivery ONO Vehicle Minimum Stock for Same Day deliveries; fully charged, nightly
Deliver IDTF form and patient instructions with unit; ensure proper testing Reinforce next day pick up Avoid reschedules (Red Line Meter) Enhanced collaboration, communication and execution between Sales and Operations
Selling and executing against our new 48-hour ONO test delivery service promise
De-emphasizing Sales Rep and CSR focus on APN and transition to ONO capture Tech will retrieve and place ONO (with H800 tag) in designated area of warehouse, plugged into charger to ensure data is safe Ensure that units are charged and memory is clear Print patient instructions for technicians Several times per day, check designated area for ONOs being dropped off Timely Retrieval Download per SOP (IDTF or other) Monitor IDTF Site to ensure timely reporting to ordering physician Timely Retrieval Prepare units for delivery CSSD-00293 Oxygen Growth Strategy Capture Process CSSD-00060 Sleep Disordered Breathing Program Intake Process Immediately submit test results for 'Other' to ordering physician Provide IDTF form when applicable Tools TDD-4415 - ONO Flyer CSSD-00291 Overnight Oximetry ONO Capture Process Scripting Job Aid CSSD-00292 - Growth Strategy Candidates Report Tracking Tool Process
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