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A Hero's Journey: Mulan

No description

Jenny Dang

on 9 November 2015

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Transcript of A Hero's Journey: Mulan

Stage 1: Ordinary World
A hero's normal life at the start of the story, before the adventure begins
Stage 3: Refusal of the Call
Hero refuses journey because of fear and insecurities
Stage 4:Meeting with the mentor
Hero meets someone who gives them advice, confidence, training, gifts to overcome the fear of the journey
stage 5:Crossing the threshold
This stage the hero commits to the journey, goes from the ordinary world and into the special world
stage 6:Tests, allies, enemies
Hero experiments with new conditions and is tested as well as sorts out allegiances in the special world
Stage 2: Call To adventure
The hero is faced with something that makes him/her begin his/her adventure. This might be a problem or a challenge they need to overcome
A Hero's Journey: Mulan
By: Jenny Dang

stage 7: Approach
hero prepares for major change; danger is prevalent and object of their quest is hidden
Crossing the threshold happens when Mulan enters the training camp. She experiences and learns that she has to fit in a man's way of life so she won't get discovered. Mulan had a rough start at the beginning but was able to prove herself to the other trainees and mentor that she is "man" enough.
Mushu and lucky cricket are Mulan's greatest allies. Even though Mushu had his reasons before hand on gaining his guardian status with her ancestors. There were many tests Mulan encountered as a 'man': being discovered as a woman by the army and not being suitable for battle. Later on once the army finds out she is a woman, no one believes Mulan when she tries to warn them that the enemy Shan Yu leader of the Huns and some of his men are still alive.
Stage 8:Ordeal, Death & rebirth
experiences feelings of life & death, death comes a new life
stage 9:reward
takes possession of the treasure won
stage 10:The road back
stage 11:Resurrection
meets new challenges, 3/4 of the story
Makes final attempts, a higher and complete level of death & rebirth
stage 12: return with elixir
becomes master of there world
Fa Mulan is from China, where her duty is to bring honor to her family by marriage. She goes sees a matchmaker, which later on defines her as even though she may look like a bride but is unworthy of a husband. Mulan is disappointed and can't bring honor to her family.
Mulan's father is forced to serve to war due to the Huns making their way into China by the emperor. Since her family has no sons, her father as to go. Mulan knows how old her father is, she disguised as a man and goes in his position.
Before making the leave, Mulan begs her father to stay home and be safe. She fears for her fathers life since he is in a weakened state. She continues to beg and states that he has already served his country.
At training camp, Mulan meets her mentor Captain Lee Shang who is in charge of new recruits. At the beginning of camp Shang sees Mulan as weak and later on with his guidance proves him that she is strong to be a warrior like a man.
When Mulan and the other trainees head out to war, they realized what a war zone is like. During battles, Mulan and remaining soldiers stumble upon villages that have been the result in the Huns attack. With remains of just abandoned villages, Mulan finds a doll which helps her sympathize and realize how harsh combat can be.
Mulan and the others came to a point where they were battling the Huns. She risks her life to put her plan into action, she gets within three feet of Shan Yu. The plan included to create an avalanche to take out the Hun army. Mulan also saved Shang's life, but even though she had many accomplishments it lead to her gender being revealed. I almost lead to her death, because women cannot be in the army. But Shang spared her life because she saved his and just abandoned her. During that time Mulan is able to look back on decisions she has made and to look forward to what is meaningful for her family.
Mulan finally gain the trust and respect of her mentor Shang, when he didn't believe her at the beginning of the story. But 'Ping' the man she was disguised as, is the one who gained Shangs respect. If she didn't go with her plan and defeating the Hun army, Shang and the soldiers wouldn't be alive.
During abandonment, Mulan sees Shan Yu and some of his men coming out of the snow, heading towards Imperial City. She hurries and makes her way to Imperial City to warn Shang and the others about them. As a woman, they don't believe her which lead her to take matters to her own hands and save the Emperor.
Mulan defeats Shan Yu as they dueled at the palace. She gains the respect of the Emperor, Shang and the rest of China. She creates a new image in society for women being in the army. Mulan's personality would have fit better in a modern time period.
The Emperor rewards Mulan with his medal and Shan Yu's sword for saving China. She brings the gifts back home to honor her family. Her father passes the gifts to the side and tells her "having you as a daughter has been the greatest gift of honor." Mulan has earned her family's honor, her place and Shang's love.
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