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No description

Isa Johnson

on 21 March 2014

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Transcript of Neptune

Number of Moons and
Neptune has fourteen moons.
Neptune has five rings!
By: Isa, Evan, Liv
and Jack

Journey to Neptune
Isa's Age on Neptune
Since Neptune is the farthest planet from the sun it's revolution around the sun is longer. Isa is 11 years old on Earth and .06 years old on Neptune. Which is equal to twenty-nine earth days.
Orbital and Rotational Periods
The orbital period of Neptune is 164.79 earth years.
The rotational period is .671 earth days.
Distance From the Sun
Neptune is 4,498,396,441 kilometers from the sun.
It is the eighth planet from the sun.
Diameter and Degree of Axial Tilt
The diameter is 49,500 kilometers.
The axial tilt is 28.32 degrees.
Evan's Weight On Planet
Neptune is a gas giant so its gravity is greater than Earth. Evan weighs 80 pounds on Earth and 90 pounds on Neptune.
Fun Facts#1
Most people do not know about Neptune's five rings, Neptune's rings names are; Le Verrier, Galle, Lassell, Arago,and Adams.
They got their names from the important astronomers that made this discovery.
Neptune has the fastest winds in the milky way.
Poseidon is the Greek name and Neptune is the Roman name for Neptune.
It took the Voyager 2 twelve years to reach the planet.
Fun Facts#3
Neptune's Gravity is almost the same as Earth's! It could not support life though from lack of sunlight.
Fun Facts #2
Neptune's Moons
Fun Facts#4
Neptune's year is the second longest in the Solar System.
There is a dark spot on Neptune called the "Great Dark Spot". Similar to Jupiter's red spot.
Fun Facts#5
Neptune is almost four times the size of Earth.
It was discovered in the year of 1847 by Johann Gottfried Galle.
Fun Facts#6
The temperature on Neptune can drop down to -221.7 degrees Celsius, making it the coldest planet in the Solar system.

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