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Texting Organization Against Distracted Driving (TOADD)

No description

Michael Schramm

on 19 September 2014

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Transcript of Texting Organization Against Distracted Driving (TOADD)

Texting Organization Against Distracted Driving (TOADD)
History of TOADD
a. Since October 2010, TOADD has been in full effect on the road.
b. In November 2010, TOADD reached 15,000
Mission of TOADD
a. To create a safer social and mobile environment by addressing issues relevant to youth regarding appropriate technology use, social health and literacy awareness.
Involvement of TOADD
a. Committed to partnering with others to ensure that these cell phones users contribute to building a healthier mobile environment.
b. Sign up or contact the owner by mail, email, and/or call her cell. (678-428-0046)
a. You can donate by mailing a letter to Forest Oak Drive, Stockbridge GA. You can also donate online, but the minimum is $10 online.
b. You could sign up for monthly, weekly, quarterly,
a. Information on websites that I have looked at contain some dangers of texting and driving.
b. In the notes, one of the top 10 teen killers is accidents (93-86%)
c. Interviews by others could reveal info.
Information about Texting & Driving
a. Over 260 million out of 1 1/2 billion in the US use cell phones in everyday life.
b. The mobile environment is becoming a large part of society and business.
c. Cell phones have been the cause of over 167 million car crashes.
Information Continued
㊗️d. Mobile phone businesses have been working to stop texting and driving by getting into contact with TOADD.
History Continued
c. TOADD has created over 50 stores nationwide for support of Texting & Driving.
d. Founded in Stockbridge, Georgia by Marie Burrell.
Mission Continued
b. To prevent teen deaths by creating awareness and alerting others of the danger of texting and driving.
c. To make the mobile environment safe for all to use and to prevent texting and driving.
Mission Continued Continued
🀻d. To make a way for somebody to talk to for all persons that need help within texting and driving in the community.
Involvement Continued
c. Asking a former TOADD member to get involved or asking a TOADD administrator.
d. Contacting managers and asking businesses on info about getting involved in TOADD.
Donations Continued
c. You could go to Stockbridge and give them the money yourself. (Not recommended)
d. You could have them come to you? This would be more expensive though.
Health Continued
🀷d. Newspapers and media could search and announce info about the latest series of car crashes in the area.
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