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English Immersion Camps

Prezi Presentation for Camps

Fernando Carro

on 4 November 2013

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Transcript of English Immersion Camps

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli
Expanding your world
English Immersion Camps
Immersion into the Culture
An educational adventure
in an English-speaking community
... without leaving Argentina.
Immersion in the language
Immersion in the culture
Argentine Embassy
You can seek asylum at the embassy for up to 5
minutes a day in case of a language emergency
Job Interview
International Staff
English Immersion Camps
is an
original approach
to language learning.

We believe in the undeniable potential of
formal learning settings
, as well as in the power
of self education.

years of camps and over
15 000

students .
The barrier is broken to reenact
the official arrival in a country
An oath is given to speak English,
English and only English
Entertainment and Magazine
Bank and Shop
Bonfire, songs and smores
Historical events
Contemporary event
Immersion in the Language
Exchange real money and buy items in foreign exchange
Become a coach and participate in sports from other cultures
Become a writer, MC or a body guard
Specifically designed themes to match the needs of students and schools
And many more!
Authentic Food served from different cultures to enhance the experience

6 Flats with en-suite bathrooms for participants
1 Flat with 2 bedrooms and an en-suite bathroom for teachers and guides
2 additional sets of bathrooms and showers
Heating and air conditioning in all facilities
Teachers’ Lounge with wifi
All purpose room / Dining- room
Customs Post
Borough Shop
Borough Bank
Argentine Embassy
Sports Field
Total capacity: 80 guests, including escorting teachers and guides.
other venues are available
Brought to you by
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