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No description

Natural Disasters

on 23 January 2014

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Transcript of Tsunamis!!!

What is a Tsunami ?
A Tsunami is a huge wave that can wipe out cities with in minutes. A Tsunami can be very dangerous and and has disasterous affects. Such as kill people, destroy buliding,cars
Who in the world is affected by this issue ?
Describe the impact on those affected
Explain how a national or international organization (or person) has tried
to make a diffrence towards helping those affected by this issue
The group i chose that helps thous affected by a tsunami is the americred cross,
Some Countries in high risks of
a Tsunami are Russia,China,
Japan,South Korea,Philippines,
Indonesia and more. Mostly Tsunami
attacks usually happen in countries
near the Pacific Ocean. Some countries
can be Phillpines, Japan, Indonesia,New
Guinea. Japan has a big history of Tsunamis.

Did you know: 59% of Tsuanami's happen in
the Pacific Ocean.

What is a another word for tsunami?
Another word for tsunami is a Harbour wave.
- It is significant, because if it happened on Japan it will not effect Canada.
-it is persistent,it's effect is long lasting.
-it is interconnected, because people from other places of the world come to help the people effected by the tsunami.
Why is a Tsunami a Gobal issue?
The americans donated $18 million to the american red cross intern ational rspon & fund after the tsuname hit.
How is a tsunami made?
A tsunami is cause by either a earthquake land slide,a big meteorite hitting the sea or a volcano eruption.
Danish's Q and A
How fast do Tsunamis
travlel? Tsuamis can travel
up to 800Km per hour!
Some signs of a Tsunami
1. Ground shaking
2. Huge wave of water and
very loud
What you should
do if you see a Tsunami
2. Run to high ground!
3.Listen to CP24 for how to
survive a Tsunami.

4. Stay away from ANY WATER!!
How long does a Tsunami take to finish? Tsunamis can take many hours but if it is a masive one it can take days!
How does a tsunami impact daly lives or health of those affected those affected?
Sometimes after the impact people get disease . Also peoples houses get destroyed and they are left homeless. Peoples transportation also gets destroyed. That transportation could be cars,boats and motercycles.
How can it affect people in other areas of the world?
A Tsunami can affect people in other areas of the world because debris can float across the water and end up some where on a beach. Then all the people from the area will come to help pick up the debris.
Define your global issue
How does a Tsunami affect the envirment?
A Tsunami affects the envirment because the salt water that comes frome the ocean killes the grass and trees.
What we can do to help fix this Global issue?
We can cause less polltion so there will be less Global warming. We can cause less Global warming by walking to school instead of driving to school if you live less than 1 KM away. If we let Global Warming beat us it will melt the
Glaciers in Antartica. The Glaciers will
make more water and can flood the whole world!
Shubham's Q and A
How does a Tsunami affect a farmer?
The soil for crops turn into thick mud and hundreds of thousands of miles square miles of farm land gets ruined.
How does a Tsunami affect city folk?
The apartments they live in get destroyed and there is massive destruction every where.
Can Tsunamis
Yes they can be
because the weather
people have radars
so they can see when
it will strike and
where. The weather
people check the
radar Very frequetly.
How high
can a Tsunami
go high?
Well it depend if it is
medium it can go up
to 100 feet!
Q and A
How high can a tsunami go?
a tsunami can go upto 100ft.
when was the first tsunami seen?
The first tsunami was seen in 426 B.C,it took half the town under water.
restored access to clean water.
provieded immuni zahions against disese
helped build or renorate 4,600 homes
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