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Making Connections between PYP, MYP and DP

Presented to the faculty of Concordian International School on January 5, 2012.

Aloha Lavina

on 24 November 2015

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Transcript of Making Connections between PYP, MYP and DP

Making Connections
Concordian International School
January 5, 2012
Learner at the center
Core of each Programme
Subject groups
We have in common:
Programme Continuum
PYP Requirements
MYP Requirements
DP Requirements
IBO, 2011
The IBVT recommends that the school address the written
curriculum with consistency in terms of concepts, attitudes
and skills based on the Standards and Practices (IBO, 2011).
IBVT Recommendation

MYP Programme Evaluation,
November 2011
PYP Section, Standard C2. 4. a
The school has scope and sequence that indicate the
development of conceptual understanding, knowledge
and skills for each Primary Years Programme subject area.
MYP Section, Standard C2. 4. a.
The school documents the curriculum in terms of
subject content, including conceptual understanding and skills
that will allow students to reach the prescribed objectives.
DP Section, Standard C2. 4.
The written curriculum identifies the knowledge, concepts, skills and attitudes to be developed over time.
IBO Standards and Practices, 2011
The New Chapter
(IBO, 2011)
The conceptual framework:
Key concepts transcend disciplines.
Disciplines do not have to use all the Key Concepts.
Subject Guides will provide direction on the most
appropriate key concepts.
Central idea: an overarching,
transferrable idea built with a key concepts or a key concept and related concept.
Related concepts are discipline-based.
These are related to key concepts.
Subject Guides will include possible unit
topics for each related concept.

Disciplinary understandings are important understandings
written with the related concepts. These bring depth to the unit and ideas for assessment.
Key concepts
Related concepts

Making the PYP Happen 18-20 (IBO)
Why Concepts?
Erickson, 2008

"Concepts focus and streamline the breadth
of content."

"A conceptual structure is efficient
for handling the growing body of
"A conceptual structure forces students to think about topics and facts in terms of their transferable significance."
Allows PYP, MYP, and DP teachers to "become a team as
they systematically build conceptual understanding and
develop student intellect."
"Conceptual structure ensures that teachers
are clear on the concepts and generalizations that
students must understand at each level of schooling."
A coherent curriculum that does not
depend on teacher personality or preference.
Transferability of what is learned
across and within disciplines.
what's next?
Conceptual scope and sequence
MYP Semester 2
PYP Ongoing
Unpacking concepts / Central ideas
into disciplinary understandings

DP Semester 2
Course syllabi with articulated concepts
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