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All About Serena

No description

lis lab3

on 18 March 2016

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Transcript of All About Serena

All About Serena
Serena Williams was 5 when she started tennis and her sister Venus was 9.
Her Childhood
Serena's Birthday is on September 26,right after my birthday.She was born in Saginaw Michigan.
by Leticia Kitio
Grand Slam
Her first Grand Slam was in 1999, the grand slam she
won was the U.S open.
Serena's parent are named
Richard Williams and
Oracene Williams.
Her choch was her father [Richard Williams]
He learned by
looking at other
players on TV
becuse Serena
and Venus
won't be able to
play tennis if he
dosen't now how
to play tennis himself.
Serena and her sister Venus won the 2000 Olypics Doubles competition.

Serena won her first Australion
open on January 25,2003.
She has three half sisters
and there name's are Lyndfea,
Isha, and Yetunde
Her older sister is
Venus Williams.

Her elder sister
was murdered in
in the Fall of 2003.
Serena Williams bet the toped ranked player in the world Maria Sharapova in the finals 6-1 6-2.
Serena recently won her 7th major title at the Australin open.
In 2002 Serena won the French open and the U.S. open.
Serena bet her sister Venus in the Wimbeldon open
in the finals each tournament.
I think Serena was influenced by her father because
he belived in both Serena and Venus Williams that they can be in the top 5 tennis players.
Her Education
The Williams sisters were home-schooled by there father.
The Williams family moved once more to West Palm Beach, Florida so that Serena and Venus Williams could attend the tennis academy of Rick Macci.
Serena's father stopped sending his daughters to junior tennis tournament because he wanted
them to take it slow and focus on school work
Serena had a steady education her and her sister Venus went to a tennis school in LA and she also went to a art school.
Serena did not go to college
she went to a tennis school
rean by professional player
Rick Macci in Haines city, Flo-
Serena Williams later attended The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale , along with her sister Venus.
Serena Williams liked to write when she was home schooled.
My Websites I used
Serena Williams-IMD
Serena Williams
Serena Williams
To me Serena
Williams is
GIVES UP!!!!!!!!!!
Before I start these is what
I think of Serena.
Thanks For Watching
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