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Nancy Bird Walton

No description

mia basile

on 2 December 2013

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Transcript of Nancy Bird Walton

Why Is Nancy Bird Famous?
Nancy Bird Walton was the founder of the Australian Woman's Piloting Association and the first female pilot in Australia .
Nancy Birds first aircraft at the age of 19.
What Did She Do To Achieve To Be Recognized?
She was recognized by standing out, flying with men and helping women that wanted fly by setting up the Australian Woman's Piloting Association.

Brand new plain donated by sir Charles kingsford smith.
What Field Was She From?
Is There A Mounument In Her Name?
Yes, There is a Nancy Bird Walton Memorial Tower,
How Has Her Work Inpacked Australia And The Way We Live Today?
She played a huge role in womans rights in Australia, she was the first woman pilot in Australia and the first to stand up for her self and fly with men, so she should be reconised today and forever.
What Was Her Lasting Legacy?
Many people will follow in her path,
as the was the first female pilot in Australia, so she played a role in women's rights so many woman have followed in her path by doing things they thought they could never do.
Sir Charles Kingsford Smith
So why is Sir Charles Kingsford Smith in this presentation about Nancy Bird Walton?
Well long story short after years of saving up she had enough money to go to a flight school in Sydney, where she was taught how to fly by Sir Charles Kingsford Smith and had lots of support coming from him while others would just laugh and be amused by a female pilot.
She was a pilot sence the age of 17, she always wanted to be one when she was little, she was poorly supported by her family as they thought a woman pilot would end in tears.
The aircraft control tower was opened on November 7 2010 at Luskintyre Airfield in honour of Nancy Bird Walton.
Nancy's Career

Nancy Bird Walton went from being the youngest commercial licensed woman pilot in the British Commonwealth to becoming Australia's "First Lady of aviation" in the 1970s. She was named "Angel of the Outback" for her work with the Royal Flying Doctor Service. In 1977 she became a Dame of St John (Knights of Malta).

Nancy received the OBE in 1966 and the Order of Australia in 1990. She has published two books: Born to Fly and My God! It's a Woman.

Many femalie's today are now pilots thanks to Nancy, we should all respect the work and effort she has gone through to help women all over Australia

She went on to pioneer an air ambulance service for outback New South Wales and was commandant of the Women's Air Training Corps during World War II.
After Death
In 2008 Qantas named its first A380 jet in her honour.
She had a daughter, a son, four grandchildren and two great-grandchildren, who carried on with her wisdom on by running the Australian Womans Pilot Association
Nancy Bird Walton died on the 13th of January 2009. She died at the age of 94, everyone who was part of her family was greatly devastated about Nancy’s death. She died from natural causes a 2PM that day.

R.I.P Nancy Bird Walton 1915-2009
De Havilland Gipsy Moth
Her Life
Nancy Bird Walton
She was 24 when she married Englishman Charles Walton and they had two children named Anne Marie and John, But her passion for flying stayed strong, and in the works was the idea to set up an Australian Women Pilots' Association. She founded the organisation in 1950 and Bird-Walton remained president until 1990, their motto was "skies unlimited".
Love Life
Nancy Bird-Walton was the founder of the Australian Women Pilots' Association, which was the start for a proud generation of female pilots, who now fly alongside men in Australia's skies.

Nancy Bird was born in Sydney, NSW in 1915. When she was four, she attempted to launch herself off the backyard fence after hearing news about the Great England-Australia Race. When she turned thirteen, she went for a joy flight in a Gipsy Moth aeroplane at a local fair, and her future was decided. She began saving for flying lessons immediately.

Unapproved by her father, Nancy's first flying lesson was being taught by Charles Kingsford Smith. She was seventeen when she started to fly. She learned to fly at a time when women pilots where rare. Given that it was "not the done thing" for women to wear long pants in those days as well, she required a degree of persistence in order that she continued in her chosen career.

In the beginning Charles Kingsford Smith didn't take her as seriously as he should have, as Nancy only stood at five foot, but she soon earned his respect. In 1935, she was hired to operate an air ambulance service in outback New South Wales. It was named the Far West Children's Health Scheme. Nancy's own Gipsy Moth was used as an air ambulance

Her Book
"My God! It's A Woman
Nancy Bird Walton was Born in Kew, New South Wales, Australia on 16 October 1915 as Nancy Bird, she wanted to fly almost as soon as she could talk. As a teenager during the hard times in Australia, Nancy had to leave school at 13 to help her family.
Early Life
In 1933 she decided take flying lessons at the age of 18. Sir Charles Kingsford Smith, who was the first man to fly across the mid-Pacific, had just opened a pilots' school near Sydney so she left home to learn how to fly.
When she was awarded a commercial pilot's license at the age of 19, through a donation 200 dollars from her great aunt plus money from her father, Nancy bought her first aircraft, a de Havilland Gipsy Moth.

Thank you Nancy
Thanks to Nancy Bird-Walton women are now working as airline captains, helicopter musterers, search and rescue pilots, and even flying nuns. The Australian Airforce currently has twenty female pilots and the Navy has thirtyfive.
Now women all over Australia are flying among men in the sky.
Thank You Nancy!
Nancy Bird-Walton with another pioneering Australian aviator, Jean Burns.
Chares Walton
Nancy 3
Time Line
Family Times
De Low was the family name of Nancy's maternal grandmother, whose husband, a classical musician, emigrated to Australia. Her father, Edward Bird, was concerned that his children should receive a good education, When Nancy was thirteen, she and her sister Gwen were staying with their father when they had their first plane ride at an air pageant at Wingham.
Why I Choose Nancy?
By Mia Baile
I originally wanted to do Sir Charles Kingsford Smith, but unfortunately he was already taken, so i seached up him to get an idea of other australian pilots, i saw nancy bird walton and was drawn by what she had acheved so i looked into her histoy more and found myself fascinated by her history so i chose her and found out more wonders of her life.
16th Oct, 1915
Nancy was born
Nancy Bird Walton was born in Kew, New South Wales, Australia on the 16th of October 1915.
15th Jun, 1927
Nancy left school early
she left school early to work at her fathers general store.
13th Aug, 1928
Her first time flying
Nancy was 13 years old when she flew for the first time while in an air pageant, She had even paid the pilot extra to do some acrobatics
16th Sep, 1933
Nancy going to flying school
Five years later that passion drove Nancy to take flying lessons, and not with any old instructor. Sir Charles Kingsford-Smith, the first man to fly across the mid-Pacific, had just opened a pilots' school near Sydney.
4th Dec, 1938
Her first plane
Nancy her first plane, a Gipsy Moth
16th Nov, 1967
Nancy had given upflying ecause of her age but is still working and trying hard to keep all of her planes neat and clean
Nancy giving up flying
13th Jan, 2009
Nancy's death
Nancy Bird Walton died on the 13th of January 2009. She died at the age of 94, everyone who was part of her family was greatly devastated about Nancy’s death. She died from natural causes a 2PM that day.
Age 23
Nancy Bird Walton
Thank You
Thank you to these websites
Thank You
For Watching my presentation on Nancy Bird Walton
How Nancy Inspired Me
Nancy inspired me by doing what woman never thought they could do, when I am older I want to make a difference like Nancy did.
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