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The Little Hunchback From the Arabian Nights By Pat Ferrusca

No description

Pat Ferrusca

on 26 November 2012

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Transcript of The Little Hunchback From the Arabian Nights By Pat Ferrusca

The Little Hunchback The Arabian Nights
The Tailor and His Wife - The Tailor one day brought home a little hunchback home that was playing the tambourine.

Jewish Doctor- The Jewish doctor tripped over the hunchback and left him outside on the street.

The Pruveyor-Beat the hunchback for supposly stealing his butter.

Rich Merchant- Attacked the hunchback cause he thought he was getting robbed.

The Judge- Sentenced to death all 4 of the people who thought they murdered the hunchback, but they didn't get killed.

Setting The frontiers of Great Tartary.
Known as the kingdon of Kashgar. One day a tailor took home the Hunchback and fed him fish. The Hunchback then died of a bone getting stuck in his throat. The tailor terrified of what happened, came up with a plan to take the Hunchback to the Jewish doctor on his block and run away. As he left the Hunchback at the Jewish doctors house, the doctor stumbled across the Hunchback and tumbled down the stairs. Scared of him killing the Hunchback, he came up with a plan to throw the Hunchback down The Pruveyors chimney. As the Hunchback fell down the Chimney, the Pruveyor thought he was trying to steal his butter and oil. So he hit him with some hard blows. Terrified as well for thinking he killed the Hunchback he took the Hunchbacks body and dragged it down the street against a building where a Rich Merchant lived. The Rich Merchant was arriving home drunk and stumbled across the bodie so the body fell on him. He thought the Hunchback was robbing him so he hit him with a couple hard blows as well. Terrified as well that he killed the Hunchback he told the authorities what had Happened. No Sympathy or Empathy was given to him. He was sentenced to the death penalty by the gallows. As he was getting sentenced all of the other men who thought they killed the Hunchback confessed and told their own stories one after another. Not knowing who killed him. They let them go in remeberance of the Little Hunchback because the Hunchback wouldn't have wanted them to die due to their honesty. By Pat Ferrusca Summary- Main Characters - Magic/Fantasy
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