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My career choice is to follow my dream to be a published author.

Alex McCumbers

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of Writer

Writer Who has influenced you to go into this career? Why have you chosen that career? How will your career improve the nation? Where will you work? How much will you make? How does your career play into your life style? At home At the office At the local coffee house Anywhere you can write R.A. Salvatore Stephen King Brent Weeks Tim Lebbon Night Angel Trilogy Created the character Drizzt Do'Urden, one of the most famous fantasy characters of all time Authors of books make about 71,000 annually Journalists make about 53,000 annually Short Story Authors make about 127,000 annually Average Writer makes about 56,000 Always have loved stories I enjoy a good story in my movies and video games I could not only write books and short stories, I could write for movies, games, and other sorts of media People always need entertainment, even during the Great Depression, movies and books didn't stop being produced My ideas could influence someone's life and make things better for them
I love stories and interesting characters! I discovered, around the fourth grade after I won a contest,
that I was pretty good at making cool characters with interesting stories attached I could work almost ANYWHERE Author of the Dark Tower Series and MANY other books Author of Dusk and Dawn and a few others
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